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My employer wants me to go on disability because I have cronic

Customer Question

My employer wants me to go on disability because I have cronic leg pain and anxiety issues do to stress at work. He wants to write a note to my doctor what should the note say state so the doctor will fill out papers and will not give me a hard time.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Faye Lee replied 8 years ago.
Hello ,it appears your employer does not want to accommodate your illness under The American With Disability Act. See However you should decide if you can perform your job and then have your doctor to review your job description and evaluate your fittness to work.You should not be forced to go out on disability unless you are unable to perform the larger part of your job duties.

Also discuss this with your Human RESOURCES person. But if your employer continues to force the situation and your doctor states otherwise you may consider filing an EEOC/Human Rights Commission complaint.See www.eeoc,gov. I hope this has helped if so click accept.