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Jane Doe Deer
Jane Doe Deer, Employment Lawyer
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I work for TDCJ at the POLUNSKY Unit in Livingston, ...

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I work for TDCJ at the POLUNSKY Unit in Livingston, Texas and I am being harrassed by co-workers and my supervising rank . There are rumors of me being a "dirty boss" and my Captain has even told me that my "integrity" is in question. This morning I went for my yearly review and was given a "sub-standard" performance on all aspects of my job performance.I feel this was an unfair review since I have had "words" with this Captain and have written I.O.C''s (inner office communications ) about him and other rank. I have been found guilty of FALSE charges and was recommended for termination back in April; and when I (along with my Union Rep.) went to see the director Mr.Treon ; Mr.Treon also stated that from my file it looked like harrassment to him and gave me my job back. What can I do? I like my job and I am doing a good job, I don''t want to quit and I won''t be run off . But I would like the harrassment to stop. There is too much to write about: please call XXX-XXX-XXXX CO IIICustomer

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Jane Doe Deer

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have had rumors about myself having sex with inmates(started by co-workers)that were told to my son that works the night shift there, I had a case that was messed up by a Lt. that got me chewed out because he had me sign a blank case and used an emergency call from my children to get me to do it by saying "just sign the case and you can make your phone call" when I asked what the call was about Lt.Lawrence said "just sign it and I'll tell you and you can make your call" well I signed the case and he wrote it, but he wrote it on the wrong inmate and for the wrong charge and the case was drug out past the legal limit with me being the one blamed for the errors. When I wrote an IOC about it I was told "well you didn't get a disciplinary for it" and "thats in the past" a month later (after already reporting that anouther officer had gone thru my purse and it was blown off) I was put at a gate possition with no lock on the lock box to store my things;I asked for a lock and was told "well its never had one" ,so while at my post I was having trouble with inmates trying to open the box while I was locking or unlocking gates. An SSI (staff support inmate) asked if I would like him to get me a lock, yes ,I jumped on it, I said " if you can find me, one I would love it that you" and he brought me a lock. Now this SSI has loaned his personal fan and his hot pot to officers and rank, he has been given the building remote to do channel checks on the Pods when officers didn't want to do it.So I considered it "safe" to accept his offer. About an hr later I was told to go relieve anouther officer on 3 Bldg , I asked if I would be coming back to my post and was told "just get all your stuff like your not coming back and go to 3 Bldg".My drinks (chocolate milk and gatorade) were on 4 bldg, which happened to be the bldg that the SSI worked on ,so I went to get my drinks and give the lock back since I no longer needed it.Well 15 minutes after being in the A Pod picket on 3 bldg I was relieved and sent to the Majors office. I was accused of 1)having an established relationship with an offender (which was dropped)2)failure to obey an order from a Sgt 3)abandoning my duty post 4)trafficing and trading with an offender (which was changed to accepting goods from an offender)and even a no call/ no show charge for a day I was just late :March 29th and had called in (but no rank was availible to talk to and no message was given to the rank, whan I left one)Upon recieving my hrs for the month of March I had actually been given 2 no call no shows :on March 22nd and March 29th and I was not paid for either day and I had worked both days the 22nd on 4 bldg on E Pod and the 29th on 18 bldg as dorm rover.And my disciplinary even stated that I was late on the 29th, but on my file and the roster they said I never came in or called.There is alot more...its just too much to put in one e-mail; but I do need help, even my Union Rep told me to get an atty as did Mr.Treon if things continued or got worse, which they are.

Yes, I agree - you need an attorney who specializes in not only employment, but in cases involving prisons. The worst employment problems I ever hear have to do with prisons.

Do you need help finding referral information? If not, my best to you. If so, please write back.


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Jane Doe Deer

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes! I do need help finding an atty. I don't even know where to look for one.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
sorry I didn't know if I would still be able to recieve the referral info if I accepted.

Yes. I was about to answer and then my computer decided to reboot itself!

Here is some helpful background info on employees rights.

Here is the website for the Texas Employment attorneys association. You should be able to find an attorney through here: