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What is the law about other people opening your mail If ...

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What is the law about other people opening your mail? If you have not given people within your office to open mail and they do, is this against the law? What is the law concerning this?
maryj411, mail that is received in your office is consider the office mail and not your personal mail, therefore it maybe open by other personnel in the office. If it is personal mail you should have sent to your home. If it is mail that relates to your job you may request others not to open if it is addressed to you. I hope this has helped and if so click accept.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
but what about it is a violation of Constitutional privacy and the U.S. Postal Code. Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 83, Sect: 1703(b) "whoever without authority opens or destroys any mail or package not addressed to him, shall (may) be fined or imprisoned for not more than one year."
Customer the mail is not your mail but it belongs to the company, you are the employee hired to open the company's mail. I know you are upset about this because I have had a person open my mail at work but I just started to ensure that it did not happen again. The address the mail is delivered to is the company's address. Now if you have someone who just going around your office opening mail for no business reason then you should report them to your boss. I hope this has helped and if so please click accept. TAKE care Faye Lee Hang in there . The law applies to someone unauthorized by your company and your personal home address.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I am a physician who was a major partner in a group speciatly practice. I am the sole owner of a PLLC that had a contractural relationship with 10 other physicians in this particular practice. I have recently terminated my association with this group and I have relocated my medical practice elsewhere. They continue to open and retain my mail as well as any publications that I personally subscribe to. Are you telling me I have no legal rights to mail that has my name on it in addition to the practice name that continues to be delivered to this address?
Customeryour question was very general when you first asked the question,you did not identify yourself as a partner. However now you are informing me that you were a partner rather than an employee. That status changes what you are able to do about this situation.When I said the company was the owner of the mail, you being a partner makes you the owner of the mail at this point. You can file charges.You are a owner/partner or previous owner therefore your mail should be forwarded without opening. I would assume you are in the process of changing your address, To stop this violation you can write or have your attorney to write a letter requesting that they cease and desist opening any and all mail that is delivered to that address under your name . Inform them that if the conduct continues that you will file for a federal court order requesting such order. You can also file a formal complaint with the US Postal Service which they will have their Postal Inspector to investigate your allegations and will pursue charges if the allegations are found to have validity. I hope this clears it up better for you. Also send one copy of the letter certified and another regular mail to ensure they are served properly. I hope this anwser has helped.... regret I thought you were an employee in an regular company. Take CARE
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