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flopcat98, Consultant
Category: Email
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Experience:  Consultant 30 years in nyc computer industry working with PC and networks banks brokerage legal etc.
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Valid work related emails get spam tagged for users.Seek

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Hi.valid work related emails get spam tagged for users.Seek guidance how to study message headers with mxtoolbox and identity the spam tag.Are there any tutorials online? Thanks

Do you mean your work emails got spammed and you want to learn how to filter spam emails or even how to stop them

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Sorry for the confusion.Users are receiving valid work messages but these messages are tagged as spam in Office365 and delivered to Junk folder.I would like to learn how to identify with headers of message that it was tagged as spam using Mxtoolbox?

Regarding Mxtoolbox, do you mean this online tool?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.

If for some reasons some incoming emails are tagged spam and put into the Junk Email folder, you may simply manually select them and use the "Move to" option to put them back into the Inbox. This will let Office 365 know those emails or those domains are safe and will not filter them as spam in the future.

The Mxtoolbox has nothing to do with Office 365 or filtering spam. It is just an online tool helping admins to trace emailing process.

Please be aware that email address, domain name or other info from email header are only a small part in filtering spam. Content filtering is the key, but it can't be done by analysing the email header.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks for the detailed explanation.I just found online that mxtoolbox can be used for header analysis and want to prove to individuals that valid message got spam tag and we want to avoid it.Can I find some spam related scoring from the message headers?

You may use the tool to have a better understanding about email header and emailing process, but as mentioned it doesn't give you sufficient info to determine an email is spam or not. For end users, domain name of the email address is the only info related to spam.

Yes, technically, some other details in header may help determine spam, such as A, MX and SPF records, but these kinds of info are for inspection at server side, by machine not human. If for any reason, the server incorrectly tags some emails as spam, you may simply use the given method above to mark them safe (put them back to Inbox), so the server will recognise the given domain and treat the messages as normal emails.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you.But in this case I would like an alternate expert then to explain since Im tasked with checking the message headers and identify fields that indicate spam tag or score via mxtoolbox and that's the outcome I seek

ok what you would want to do is use the instructions on this page for your version of outlook

and those will tell you how to pull the headers out

then copy and paste the headers into this page

that should show if one of the servers that is sending the emails is black listed

or you can just put your server name or address in this page

there is also a tool that will check your mx record but its a bit more complicated as you have to know your mx record.

you might get everything you ( or your boss) want in a report using this page

you just send an email to***@******.***

and it should email you back a report

before you go crazy with it though. are the people getting it marked as spam within your company and using the same email domain? they might just need to put you on their safe list. If some company wide policy or spam setting was made too high, it will flag anybody not in their contact list as spam. regardless of whats in the email or where it is from.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hi Robert.Thanks for the details. Yes the people getting valid work emails marked as spam (which ends in Outlook Junk Email folder) are within the Company.Hence if the report from mxtoolbox has a particular field/tag that identifies message scoring as spam that would help

Run the report but I don't think that is going to be the problem

If they are all within the company and you have your own mail server it's going to be your own mail server doing it because they never get out of the building

In any case send an email to***@******.***

It should email you back a report

We can take a look at that when you get it

I may be offline but I will definitely be back by noon CST

flopcat98, Consultant
Category: Email
Satisfied Customers: 9109
Experience: Consultant 30 years in nyc computer industry working with PC and networks banks brokerage legal etc.
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