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I'm stuck in some weird Seven Rings of trying to untangle a

Customer Question

Hi there...
I'm stuck in some weird Seven Rings of Hell trying to untangle a mess my brother Alex has gotten into with his Apple ID, linked devices and Gmail accounts so really hope you can help me.
This is what has happened so far:
- Alex has an Apple ID based off his personal gmail account which is the one he's always used and wants to continue using. It's crammed to the gills / about to run out of storage and it was when I was trying to help him deal with that that I discovered other major issues.
- it seems Alex has accidentally created a second Apple ID based off his new work gamil email address. This iCloud account has never been used, and now he wants to add his work email to his active iCloud account.
I read a bunch of forums telling me you can't merge Apple IDs so I figured the best way would be to delete / inactivate the accidentally created and unwanted Apple ID account, thus 'freeing up' / releasing the work gmail address which could then be added to the active Apple ID. I read that is very hard to delete or deactivate an Apple ID, so as a workaround I used Alex's 'fake' Yahoo email account to change the contact email address from his work email, thinking that would allow me to now add the work email to his active Apple ID / iCloud account. Even though when I log in into the iCloud account using the Yahoo email it doesn't show the work email anywhere under My Account, I still can't add the work gmail to his active Apple ID.
So that's problem number one... can you help with sorting that out?
Problem #1 might be related to problem #2 but this is the second bit:
- round about the same time Ihe created a work gmail account, his personal gmail emails started only coming through very sporadically when accessed via the browser on his laptop, although they all seem to be coming through on his iPhone. I've checked all the usual settings and have no idea why that would be happening. Today I sent two test emails from both an unrelated 3rd party account and his work gmail to his personal gmail and they came through on the laptop browser, but prior to that many others hadn't. Can you suggest a fix?
Problem #3 is that on Alex's iPhone, the mail setting is showing an INSANE number of emails (25,909 to be exact!) as 'unread' / indicated in the red box about the envelope icon on the home page on the phone. When I open both his work and personal gmail accounts on his laptop there is nowhere near that number unread. Why aren't the two in sync with each other?
I've been working on trying to unravel this for the past few hours and am going bonkers, it's obviously something way beyond my basic abilities to figure out. Can you walk me through any steps to get this resolved?
Cheers, Andi
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  bbao replied 7 months ago.

So what's your actual issue or symptom here?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hmmmm... not sure which bit of the very long detailed email was unclear, but will try again!- can you tell me why - even after deleting the work email from the now unwanted Apple ID - we can't add it to the active iCloud account? Can you tell me how to fix that?- can you tell me why the gmail account isn't syncing between the iPhone and when accessed via the browser? Can you tell me how to fix that?- can you tell me how to have the iPhone correctly reflect the number of unread emails?
Expert:  bbao replied 7 months ago.

Basically, your question is how to transfer ownership of Apple products as well as account credits? The other question is about how clean up an email box. Am I correct?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Actually mate this isn't working out. I've given a VERY detailed explanation of the problems we're facing and even after close to an hour after I sent that through it seems like there is still confusion as to what I need help with. Frustratingly, the remote connection to the iPhone failed; and now the page is telling me to update credit card information which is current and correct. I've previously had really good luck with but it doesn't seem like it's working today!
Expert:  bbao replied 7 months ago.

Sorry, I can't be available now for the details, I opt out now and let other experts step in.