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Along time ago I had a email account with yahoo under the

Customer Question

HI along time ago I had a email account with yahoo under the name unicorn715 (patricia tomko) I have open a new account with ebay an that is the email address the use for me.on my old ebay account uncorn715 with ebay user name. now I was wondering since cant find my old password ***** do not have the phone number I had then i do belive the one you have on file is(###) ###-#### my new number is(###) ###-####.please help with a new password.
Patricia a Tomko
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Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  cvd4311 replied 11 months ago.

If you have not used the email account in 6 months or under I am sorry to say it will not be possible to open it back up. It has been deleted from yahoo for inactive. You can open a new account with yahoo and then go back into your ebay account and change that email and phone number to your new ones.

Once again if the account is over 6 months old and you have not logged in then the account has been deleted. If it has been over a year old you should be able to sign up again with that same email under yahoo. Go to yahoo and get a new account under the same name if you want to leave it with that name. Sometimes yahoo will not let you register the account again. Again it has been deactivated due to non use I am sorry to say.