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I lost my password. its been 2 years since i got on my yahoo

Customer Question

I lost my password. its been 2 years since i got on my yahoo mail. my backup email and my backup cell phone number are both gone also. (lost password ***** 2nd email and changed phones 2 times ) I wanted to talk on phone but cant find a number to do that. please help, i have xbox account thru my old yahoo account thats why i dont just get a new email address.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

Hi Charles,

Seems like you've got quite a complex problem.

Do you have access to a computer where you've logged into the Yahoo account from in the past?

If so I might be able to retrieve it for you.

There aren't too many other ways to recover it other than to re-register the old phone number you had before.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i always use my moms computer, i'm on it now. i'm sure my old phone number has been given to someone else. and is this really costing me $42? maybe i should just sign up for another free yahoo account. they are still free correct?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
oh yeah my phone number i sent you a few minutes ago was the house phone number not my cell. my cell number is ***** -2742. to send me texts.
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

Yes they're still free, you can create one here:

Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

The cost for remote is $39, I sent you a quote a few minutes ago - it would allow me to connect with you directly and assess if it's recoverable or not.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
its moms computer not mine. i will just go to yahoo and set up a new email then. thanks anyway, i did not know there was no way to get a new password. i dont even know how to close the old one, i guess it just stays there forever. whatever. thanks and i guess you keep the $5 right? I hope you do not get the other $37 since you did not help me. Bye Martin.
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

I don't keep anything don't worry - I only get paid if you rate me positively Charles and I understand your problem wasn't resolved completely and hope you understand I offered to connect to your computer remotely which is the best chance you have to have it recovered.

Does that make sense, Charles?