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When I "google" in my name, it pulls up some info about me

Customer Question

When I "google" in my name, it pulls up some info about me (including my website etc) but about 1/4 of the page says my name and then CAPITAL HOME MORTGAGES. This is a company I have never been associated with and has nothing to do with my field of work. How much would it cost for you to teach me how to remove this?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Wes replied 2 years ago.

The site that has your name is ***** ***** using combinations of names to generate a search hit on their website... so anyone who's name appears will check them out. You could try contacting that company and requesting removal... but they probably won't help you. One way to address this is to bury the result by creating accounts on Facebook, linked in, twitter, etc... the higher traffic sites show up first and force lower traffic sites to the bottom of the list.