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I cannot receive email due to a message box asking mail

Customer Question

I cannot receive email due to a message box asking for my mail login and password. I am using Outlook. My wife has the same problem on her computer where she uses Live Mail. Tried using the on-line information concerning inbound and outbound and ports 993 and 465 with no change. Still getting login screen.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

Hello. My name is***** can help you with your question.

This is most common if your profile is corrupt. However, it would be extremely uncommon for to happen to 2 different people on 2 different computers with different software the same time. So we will have to separate out whether it is a problem with the accounts, the settings, or the software.

The first thing I would suggest doing is going to the web interface of your email and making sure that you can login there. That way, you will know for certain that you have the account information correct and your email account is not locked.

Once you verify that, with Outlook, I would suggest creating a new Outlook profile to rule that possibility in or out. Creating a new Outlook profile does not affect your original profile so it has the benefit of being able to troubleshoot without risking any of your existing email. Below are the steps to do that:


Once you do that, open Outlook and choose the new profile that you've created and see if you get the same result or if it behaves properly. Let me know either way and we can go from there.

  1. In Microsoft Windows, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Windows Vista/Windows 7 Click User Accounts, and then click Mail.

      NOTE In Classic view, double-click Mail.

    • Microsoft Windows XP Click User Accounts, and then click Mail.

      NOTE In Classic view, double-click Mail.

  3. The Mail icon won't appear unless you have Outlook installed and have run the program at least once.

    The Mail Setup dialog box opens.

  4. Click Show Profiles.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Type a name for the profile, and then click OK.

  7. Add an e-mail account to use in your profile by following the directions on your screen