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remoteITpro, Consultant
Category: Email
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My format -mail was recently changed and is unacceptable.

Customer Question

My format for e-mail was recently changed and is unacceptable. Whenever I attempt to
forward any traffic, all of the picture content is dropped. Also, the address headings NOW
only appear on a single line instead of allowing me to view the entire content. I want
my previous format back!! Alan xxxx , xxxxxxx
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  remoteITpro replied 2 years ago.

Hi Alan, I am guessing you have changed your email provider. If not, then it is just a setting in your Yahoo mail - called HTML, and it just needs to be turned back on. I'll login to one of my accounts and see if I can find it and post the steps back here. --JimH

Expert:  remoteITpro replied 2 years ago.
Hi Alan,
In the upper right corner of your Yahoo mail - you should see a gear looking icon. Click on it. Then, click on Settings. Make sure on Viewing, that Full Featured radio button is selected, and not Basic. You will see other options you can play around with too, like Preview Pane or not, etc.
That should do it. --Best Regards, JimH