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I am currently using thunderbird or thunder-something go email.

Customer Question

I am currently using thunderbird or thunder-something go email. The eMs actually come by way of TWC/roadrunner as noted in my eM address. I have a lot of issues w/ the eM I'm using e.g, font size is hit or miss as there are no numerical values that correspond to the size, so sometimes characters are microscopic & @ other times they are almost an inch high. Also after clicking "send" one has to wait a long time while the program saves a copy to the sent folders -- this feature does not always work in wh/ case, the entire eM disappears, & nothing is tec'd by the intended recipient nor is a copy saved in the save folder. RR email which is what I used before does not have a search option; it also requires, do example, that if you want to delete some eM, u either have to place a check one at a time in front of each one, or you chk the top chk and inch those that u want to keep, again one @ a time.
I'm thinking of installing outlook eM, wh currently costs $109 (ota from DANGEROUS URL REMOVED -- do u know if i outlook can be set up to rec. & send email thru my TWC/RR, bec. I need to keep using my same eM address for professional reasons. Or do u know of another eM program wh/ will allow me to send & rec. eM thru twc/RR & has capacity to delete multiple emails by simply clicking the first & last of the grp and then press del, can use many different fonts that are installed in my pc, has a working search feature, can change font size at my discretion or from a certain point on & on all following docs., etc.
I hope I won't hv to repeat what my problem is as it takes an unreasonable amt. Of time to do so.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Richard replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your question. My name is ***** ***** I look forward to assisting you.
Which version of windows are you using?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

As an aside, so pleae do not think I'm being snarky, but do u, as the expert who (unfortunately for u, & u hv my sympathy) have access to the thread of questions previously asked of me and my answers to those questions. I am slower than slow @ pecking out my replies, one letter @ a time, making it frustrating that I have to provide info that I have already given. (Okay, I'm done w/ whining 4 now.

I am using windows 8.1.


Expert:  Richard replied 2 years ago.
I only see your initial message, I do not see any previous questions from you.
I can setup windows 8.1 to get emails without having to purchase outlook, as an additional service for you and can do this directly on your computer.
I have made a request via Additional Services. This is optional, and if you choose to do this, I can, with your permission, remote into your computer while you watch and do all these steps (and deal with any problems that arise during them) for you. Or if you do not choose to take this service, we can continue here. This is no problem at all. Just let me know please.

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