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Gmail address is " .com" and NOT

Customer Question

gmail address is "xxxx .com" and NOT xxxx @shaw. so I want all and to STOP going to my husband's account of *****@******.***. Please delete and stop all contacts, notices etc etc that are FLOODING his email address and should only be going in private to MY gmail account of "xxxx .com" I can't do this myself. I have dementia. I have written and paid and begged for help. Please do this manually for me as I can't follow inst. due to having beginning of dementia and can't process information properly. I NEED personal assistance ASAP urgently to STOP these contacts going to Russ Kopansky's (my husband) account in Winnipeg of *****@******.***. ONLY to go to gmail account of 'xxxx .com". please ensure I have total privacy in this account as his kids read my gmail and email writings. I need to have total privacy. I must go now to fly back to Canada. Please do this for me ASAP. Thanks. Call ***-***-**** and ask for Margo on Monday ONLY me and nOt Russ. Thanks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Email
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I can't stop the email going to my HUSBAND's account in Winnipeg of "*****@******.***" instead of going to my gmail account of "" His account is flooded with contacts from and I want it ONLY to go to MY gmail account of " code "mightymoose" and NOT to his email address. Please delete this FOR me from [email protected] as I have dementian and I can't do this by myself. Also his adult kids read my gmail. I want to have total privacy if I write anything, only myself to see it. Please help me as I have beginning of dementia and I have tried but Can't follow inst. nor can I manage to stop this unwanted contact from these chat groups to going to HIS email address. NOTHING to go to *****@******.*** anymore. ONLY to my gmail account and NOT to show on HIS computer with notices. I want all notices to stay private and only for me to get them when I OPEN my account. The notices going to the computer HE uses are also getting me into shit. I wrote to chat group only to make friends now in shit. I have dementia and can't stop this unwanted contact to HIS account and stuff to me showing up on HIS computer. IT must stay private. Also security total so that his kids can't read what I write on gmail. So far they have found a way to go into my files and get me in shit. Please help me with this as I am disabled and can't do this on my own.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have NO phone here, I am writing from a library and don't have a cell phone in Mesa nor in Winnipeg where I am flying to in 2 hrs. I NEED this spam to STOP going to his computer and all contacts about these two chatt groups only to go into my gmail account of "unhappymoose" with no notifications coming onto his computer. Please manually do this for me. I can't do it. I have tried. The dementia makes me unable to process information on a computer to fix things and stop this contact to my husband. PLEASE help me...I can't do this by myself and soon must go to plane. You can call me tomorrow in Winnipeg at ***-***-**** if there are any other questions. I am quite clear that I don't want anymore contact to go to HIS account of *****@******.*** and ONLY to go directly to gmail "unhappymoose". NO notifications on HIS computer to come about me having gmail contacts. I just want to open this account without the spam going onto his computer notifying me that I have gmail contact etc from or I need privacy from all of this. Call me at ***-***-**** tomorrow if you can't do this for me. I paid to have this done for me as I can't do this due to my disablility. Please assist me and stop the spam notices of my gmail contacts coming onto HIS computer of *****@******.***. I want no notifications of contact with these groups. Just the information to go to my gmail account. Thanks Margo DaCosta
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Please call me tomorrow to confirm that you have deleted my husband's account from this spam and unwanted contact with and ONLY to go directly to my account and NO notices on the computer HE uses. Thanks. Margo I must go as I have to fly today back to Winnipeg
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Phone number for me only is Margo at ***-***-**** Thanks
Expert:  Camille-Mod replied 2 years ago.
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