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I had a brain injury and dont remember my old passwords.

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I had a brain injury and don't remember my old passwords. I now have a new email address, new apple login, etc. But I can't take iCloud connected to my old email off of my iPod Touch without entering my old password XXXXX which I don't remember. I've disabled iCloud since I can't access it anyway. How can I get my iPod Touch to remove the old iCloud info and let me enter my current info (email address, etc.)?

FYI - My sister is having this same issue but with her iPhone because her internet provider (therefore email address) changed. For her, it won't take the old password XXXXX her old email address because it indicates that it's invalid. (Maybe because the email no longer exists now. Just a guess.)

Hello and thank you for your question today. My name is Jason. I look forward to helping you today.

You will have to restore the iPod Touch to a base firmware install, which will erase everything on the iPod Touch, but you can later restore the contents of the iPod Touch to a backup that you have on the computer (the same computer you used in the past to sync the phone with):
- Press and hold the top power button until the iPod Touch turns off
- Connect the iPod Touch to the computer that you have been using the phone and iTunes with
- Hold down the HOME button on the front while pressing the Power button (continue holding the home button)
- Continue to hold the HOME button until you see the "Connected to iTunes" message
Option 1: In the Summary tab, click Restore and follow the prompts. (THIS WILL ERASE everything on the iPod Touch and make it just as it was when you first purchased the phone).
Option 2: Click the button on the top right of the iTunes window for your (iPod Touch) and then click the Restore button.
- Once that is complete, right click the iPod Touch listing in the left panel of the iTunes window
- Choose "Restore from Backup"
- Choose a backup date and restore.

Now your iPod Touch will be back up and have all the restored information from your last sync.

If you have any questions, I am available to continue.

I look forward to your next message or your rating below.

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Thank you again,
- Jason

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If I Restore from the backup, it won't just restore that old email address for iCloud again? It will know to restore everything but iCloud?

Actually, it will restore everything.

In that case, after you restore it, choose to set it up as a new iPod Touch instead of restoring it. That way it will be setup as a new device and you can then sync what you wish with it.

Thank you for checking on that.

- Jason
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