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Jeremy, Computer Repairer
Category: Email
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All of a sudden, Gmail wont let me open, save or download

Customer Question

All of a sudden, Gmail won't let me open, save or download attachments to email messages. The problem happens in IE9 and Chrome, and on different computers, and on different internet connections so the common denominator is my Gmail account. What setting in Gmail should I be looking to adjust?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Hi my name is Jeremy, I would like to assist you with your question. I am an expert here on in the computer field.

How are you doing today?

Mind if you test something for me (first using Internet Explorer)

Hold the Windows key (looks like a flag on the keyboard) and press R

Under Browser history, click Delete

Check all the boxes except forms and password then press Delete again.

Go ahead and exit Internet Explorer and re-open

Test the mail once again.

If it does not work. Try logging into your mail through SSL

This is a little less glitchy than the normal login (http)

If that does not make a difference, reply to me so we can continue troubleshooting :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello. Thanks for the suggestions but they did not resolve the problem. In looking at this further, I've found that by holding down the control key when clicking on "download" opens the attachment in another window so we've got a work-around for now. I've looked at the settings in IE, Tools, Internet Options, Advanced Tab, Browsing Section, to see if anything could be causing this problem but didn't see anything unusual. I also checked "Tabbed Settings" under the General Tab and things look good there as well. We didn't have this problem until a week ago so something went haywire somewhere. Any further suggestions?

Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
I sure do Kathy.

Let's try this.

In Internet Options click the Advanced Tab

Click the Reset button

Check "Delete personal settings" and press Reset again..

Exit Internet Explorer and test once again :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm going into a meeting but will try this later and get back to you. Thanks.

Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Thanks Kathy Let me know what happens :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Jeremy,


We just tried this today and it does not work, sorry. We found that if we hold down the control key while clicking on "download" next to the gmail's attachments icon, the yellow window comes up and asks us if we want to open, save or cancel. This is the window that we've always had appear when we click on "download" only now we have to hold down the control key to get it. Does this give you any clues as to what the problem might be?

Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Hi Kathy that certainly is a strange issue. There are a couple of things that come to mind.

Hold the Windows Key (looks like a flag on the keyboard) and press R

In the run box
type inetcpl.cpl then push enter

the Advanced tab

Scroll down this list and make sure "do not save encrypted files to disk" is unchecked if it is checked uncheck it and press apply

click the Security tab

Make sure the settings are set to medium and go ahead and uncheck turn on Pop-up blocker then press apply

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Jeremy,


Sorry it takes a bit inbetween responses but it's a laptop that's involved and the user is not always here so I can try the things you've suggested. I'm sorry to report that your latest advice did not resolve the issue either. I think I'm going to end up reinstalling IE9 and see what happens. I'm not too confident that it will help however, because as mentioned in my first email, he has the same problem even if he's using Chrome.

Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Chrome usually steals the settings from Internet Explorer, so it's possible it could be related. Have you considered rolling back to Internet Explorer 8 to see if the problem exits in IE8?

You can remove IE9 and rollback to IE8 by doing this.

Hold the Windows Key (looks like a flag on the keyboard) and press R

In the run box
type appwiz.cpl then push enter

On the left hand side click View Installed Updates

Wait for the list to populate

Scroll down
until you see Internet Explorer 9, click on it and press uninstall

Follow the prompts to complete the downgrade.

Also if that were not to work you could easily test a corrupt profile theory

If you go to Start, then choose Control Panel

Add a new user

Make the user an administrator

Click Start then choose Log off

Log on
to the new account and see if the problem still exists.