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Jess M.
Jess M., Computer Support Specialist
Category: Email
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How to move all my wildblue emails to hotmail?

Customer Question

I need to move all my wildblue emails to hotmail. Help!

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Jess M. replied 5 years ago.

Are you still able to access both Hotmail and Windblue emails?
Are you using a web browser like Internet Explorer to access these 2 emails?
Or are you using an email program like MS Outlook 2007/2010?

Please let me know so that I can help you further.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Wildblue will trash my files at noon today so must retrieve them before

then. Yes I have access to both via Internet explorer. I hope you are

still there. I just had to get a bit of sleep. Ben

Expert:  Jess M. replied 5 years ago.

Since Wildblue is an email account from your ISP, I believe you can access the email using a web browser like Internet Explorer like your Hotmail. However, I just want to clarify that when you access the Wildblue email using a web browser, what ever you see in your email accounts are basically stored in the email server itself, NOT in your computer. So when the emails are wiped out from the email server, like by the time that you discontinue your internet subscription with them, you will no longer get your email and you have no email stored in your computer since all are stored in the email server of Wildblue.

In order to download a copy of your emails that are still available in the Wildblueemail servers, you need to access and download the emails using an email software using the POP protocol.

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, you can download and install Windows Live Mail, it is a free email program for Windows.

Here is the donwload link:

Another free email program that I can recommend to you is Mozilla Thunderbird. Here is the download link:

In order to be able to use any of these email programs, you need to enable POP or POP3 access in your Windblue email account. Please click on this link for detailed information on how to enable POP/POP3 access to your account:

After that is done, please proceed to using and configuring the email programs. Here are the links for the detailed procedures:

Account Wizard Setup

    1. Launch the Thunderbird application.


    1. Choose if you'd like Thunderbird to be the default email client on the PC and click OK.


    1. From the Thunderbird homepage click Create a New Account.


    1. Click Email account as the type of account to setup. Then click Next.


    1. Type the name people will see when they receive an email from you in the Your Name box.
    2. Type the complete email address into the Email Address box (i.e. [email protected])
    3. Click Next.


    1. Make sure the radio button next to POP is marked.
    2. In the Incoming Server box type
    3. In the Outgoing Server box type

Note: If the outgoing server option is not available on this screen, the setting can be changed later in the process.


    1. Type the email username (including into the Incoming User Name box. Then click Next.Acctname
    2. Type an Account Name into the box in case there are multiple accounts using Thunderbird. Then click Next.


  1. Verify the information is correct. Click Finish to exit the Account Wizard.

Server Settings Setup


    1. Click the Tools tab at the top of the screen. Then click Account Settings.


    1. Click Server Settings. The incoming (POP3) server information is displayed.
    2. Make sure the Server Name says
    3. Change the Port Number to 995.
    4. Under Security Settings, click the radio button next to SSL (Secure Socket Layers)


    1. From the menu on the left click Outgoing Server (SMTP). The information displays at the right.
    2. Click Edit on the right side.


  1. Make sure the Server Name says
  2. Change the Port Number to 465.
  3. Under Security and Authentication click the radio button next to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  4. Click OK to complete the changes.

Source: Windblue

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It was not your fault, Jess. I needed a followup answer and my question was rejected as being too similar to the first one. It's too late now as this was an emergency for which I got help elsewhere and the case is closed.

If Wildblue is doing this to other customers of theirs, I believe they are

committing blackmail and are vulnerable to a class action lawsuit. They told me they would cancel my account and eliminate all contained data within 24 hours if I didn't accept their web service. I had just contracted with Verizon and I was unwilling to pay cancellation penalties so refused. Thank heavens I got my data moved. Now I just need to notify some 3000 senders of my new email address. All of the

Wildblue messages are in a special file at Hotmail and are ALL selectable but I don't know how to emaill them enmasse.

Expert:  Jess M. replied 5 years ago.

I am really sorry if the procedures that I gave you did not work out as expected. Anyhow, I am happy now that your problem is resolved and that you were able to pull out the data especially your contacts from the old windblue account.

Regarding your intent of mailing a notification to your 3000 contacts regarding your new email address, and perhaps informing them to delete the old email address of yours from their address book and put in your new email address, here are my suggestions and recommendations:

  1. Hotmail, like other mailing providers like Yahoo Mail and Gmail, is tough when it comes to mass mailings. It implements a protocol to prevent spam. I am telling you this since if you intend to send out an email to a large group of contacts, Hotmail may temporarily block your access from your account because it can trigger a spam alert on your account.

    Other people sending an email to a large group experienced being locked for 24 hours because of some "suspicious" activity and Hotmail is referring to the sending of an email to a large group of people.

    Thus I suggest that you do the sending in smaller chunks like sending to 25 persons in one go and then leave a gap of 1 hour then send to the other group of 25. Also, do not send to more than 500 people in 24 hours since it will surely trigger a spam alert..

    To send to the 3000, it can take days but rest assured that your Hotmail account is not locked because of spamming activity.

    This method also ensures that the receiving party's email provider cannot make a mistake of tagging your Hotmail account as a spammer. Once your email address is sending an email to a huge number of contacts, other email providers like AOL, Gmail and Yahoo automatically tags your Hotmail account as a spammer and your email message and all emails coming from you thereafter will be sent to the SPAM folder.

    Now, (if you are using Internet Explorer to access your Hotmail) in order to send an email to at least 25 persons, open your web browser and sign in to your Hotmail account. Click on the HOTMAIL link at top then click on CONTACTS link at the bottom part of the left sidebar. Select the first 25 contacts then click the SEND EMAIL link at the top. The 25 contacts' email addresses will then be entered automatically to the TO field. Then compose your message then send the email.

  2. Another way to protect your Hotmail from being tagged as spammer and yet you are able to send an email notification to a bigger number of contacts, I suggest you use a third party mailing system.

    I highly recommend that you use a third party mailing service. Their email servers are technically configured for mass mailing and that your Hotmail account when used with this third party mailing service will not be tagged as a SPAM. This is basically intended for mass mailing like newsletters.

    I am referring to MailChimp. It is FREE to use MailChimp when you send 12,000 emails in one month and if you store less than 2000 contacts. Which in your case, you can add the first 2000 contacts and you notify the remaining 1000 using the direct Hotmail method.

    Please click on this link to start using MailChimp: