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Help! I received an email from Netlog and clicked on the link

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Help! I received an email from Netlog and clicked on the link and it stole my address book and emailed everyone. How do I email everyone in my address book to warn them? Also, do you know about Netlog? Should I take my computer in to have Netlog removed somehow?
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I'm not sure what process you followed but emailing everyone in your address book is a very bad idea. You can get your account shut down for what would appear to be sending spam email, so please don't do that.

Instead, simply delete your netlog account and change your password.

You can follow the steps here:

Then be sure to change your email password XXXXX brand-new, secure password, and then your account will be secure. Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I don't have a password XXXXX Netlog. The only reason I'm in any way connected to Netlog is that I stupidly clicked on a link to connect to a person who was already on Netlog so that I could see the pictures they had posted. I researched Netlog and they're in Belgium. They are notorious spammers and I don't think that I would get any honest help from them if I went to their help desk. They have basically emailed everyone that I've ever emailed with my name and age (an invasion of privacy) in an effort to expand their "membership" base. How do I email people to warn them?
I already mentioned that it's not a good idea to email all of your contacts, but you can email in small groups (5-10 people; max 80-100 contacts per day) if you really wish to.

And you wouldn't be contacting anyone at their help desk; you could reset your password XXXXX their web site, then delete your account. I suggested that just in case anyone tries to sign up/connect with you, then it may prevent them from doing so if they click it and see your account no longer exists.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I just went to the link you provided and it shows my gmail address and asks for my gmail password. Too risky. How do I email groups of people?
Why is it too risky? You can change your email account password XXXXX that they can't do anything further with your account details as I had mentioned then you can delete the account.

And I need to know what web site or email program you're using for your email.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I use gmail. I'm concerned about what has already been done. I want to inform other people so they know that I didn't send them the Netlog invitation (to look at photos that don't exist because I never wanted to be associated with Netlog in the first place) and so they don't click Connect like I did and have to go through all of the this.
OK; with Gmail, you're in luck... you can email more people at once... a couple hundred in a day, actually. But I wouldn't email more than 50 contacts at once.

In Gmail, simply click "Mail" under the Gmail logo then pick Contacts, then you'll see your entire list of contacts there. Check the first box of the contact you want to email in a batch, and while holding SHIFT down, check the last one to select all in between, then click the Envelope icon (next to More) to email that group at once.