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WebGuy101, Support Specialist
Category: Email
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Experience:  I've been an email service provider since 1993.
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gmail not accepting my password XXXXX outlook 2010. Was working

Resolved Question:

gmail not accepting my password XXXXX outlook 2010. Was working fine yesterday, and then not.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  WebGuy101 replied 5 years ago. :

There are only a few steps to correcting this problem. Here they are: :

1. Does your password XXXXX on the website? If yes, make sure you are using the correct username in Outlook. If not, change your password XXXXX the gmail web site, then enter the new password XXXXX chose in Outlook.

Your problem should be solved. :

2. If your password XXXXX work on the Gmail web site, you may want to try creating your email account in Outlook again instead of attempting to change the password XXXXX the existing account in Outlook. :

Does your gmail address end in "" or does it end with "" (not literally) :

Are you there?


Yes, I am here. My pass word does work in gmail, no problem there. :

A lot of times if the password XXXXX in gmail but not in outlook, you may have an incorrect username in outlook. Do you have the ENTIRE email address as the password? or just the part before the ""? :

Did you configure the gmail account to use POP or IMAP in Outlook? If you don't know, just say "I don't know".....


I have a user name which is the full email address, and then a seperate password. :

What about POP or IMAP?


It is working now...... :

OK. Please accept my answer so I get proper credit.

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