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Viet - Email Tech
Viet - Email Tech, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Email
Satisfied Customers: 37865
Experience:  Ten years of computer software and hardware support; Windows 10 8 7 Vista XP & Mac.
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Can't access MSN email inbox.

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I can't get into my msn email inbox. Can you help me please?

What happens when you go to to login your email account?
What is the exact error message?
Does it say wrong password?
Do you remember your msn email password or do you think it is hacked?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
Haven't tried live .com
if I go there now will I be able to get back to you?

Viet - Computer Tech :
Please open a new window and try
press Ctrl and N keys at the same time to open a new window
You can also add to favorite this web page
Please just right-click on and click on Open in a new window.

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
it opened some emails but it wasn't from msn it looked like hotmail. I know I had many, many more than theat

Viet - Computer Tech :
How do you login your msn account? Which website do you go to?
Are those some emails belonging to your MSN email account?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
yes they are . I didnt open anything though just now. BUT I dot even have my "butterfly" on my desktop anymore. Dont know where it went to?
also cant access any of my pictures.
and I can't access my homepage .

Viet - Computer Tech :
Do you have a paid msn account?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
no I dont pay

Viet - Computer Tech :
Do you go to and login your msn account?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
yes I tried that nothing happened. I also was able to get IE to open but when it opened it said AOL and I dont have AOL. It's almost like I went into default?

Viet - Computer Tech :
oh So you use Internet Explorer or AOL?
Do you have windows xp, vista, or 7?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
no I have never used AOL
and I dont use IE mail
I have windows xp

Viet - Computer Tech :
What do you use ?
is it

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :

Viet - Computer Tech :
What program do you use , i.e. Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, 2003, 2007, etc?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
no it's just

Viet - Computer Tech :
Then you are using IE .

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
I dont use IE

Viet - Computer Tech :
What do you use then?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :

Viet - Computer Tech :
is that a program?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
I don't know??? would it be Microsoft??

Viet - Computer Tech :
Can you redownload and install at
Is it windows live email?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
yes I guess so, sry I'm NOT savvy on computer

Viet - Computer Tech :
I can remote in your computer and check.
Would you like to do that?

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
yes if you can does that cost more money though?

Viet - Computer Tech :
no, you don't have to pay more.

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
then sure please I need help!!!!!
somethings very wrong here

Viet - Computer Tech :
Please click below:
and let me know when you have joined.

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
Ok what happens now????

Viet - Computer Tech :
ok, the page is in your favorites at the bottom

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
so many of those need to be discarded too

Viet - Computer Tech :
You can right-click on each of the ones you want to delete, then click on Delete.
After restarting the computer it will pop up a system configuration windows, just check the box to not display again, then click OK.

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
will do that tomorrow

Viet - Computer Tech :
yes, click on the Star icon on the left
then scroll down at the bottom
then you see the web page link that you can get back to me later if there is still any issue.

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
will you stay here while I DO THAT??

Viet - Computer Tech :
yes, I will

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
thank you so much be back as fast as I can unless can you do that???

Viet - Computer Tech :
You're welcome.
You can just restart on your own now
close all windows
then click on Restart icon (that it's still showing) on your screen

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
can you shut my puter down and do all that. I would feel a lot more confident

Viet - Computer Tech :
ok, let me
well, we've restarted the computer.
How is everything?
You can open MSN and check your emails

JACUSTOMER-1mn3cts6- :
you have been woderful and so patient I really thank you

Viet - Computer Tech :
You're welcome. Thank you.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I signed into msn but I cant find my email again

Sorry, when you open the butterfly icon to sign, then if something pops up , then allow it. AFter signing in, what happens?

Can you double-click on the icon MSN icon(s) at the bottom right of the screen to check emails?