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How much is a Canon A 35 mm camera worth? I also have a

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How much is a Canon A 35 mm camera worth? I also have a Tamron CT Tele Macro lens 1:38 1:4/210 lens, a Tamron Matrix -2 58 mm UV-Haze 55 mm lens and a Vivitar VMWARE UV-Haze 55 mm lenns and a Vivitar Zoom thrust or 285 light meter.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is***** will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.
The Canon Ae-1 35 mm camera (if that is the model of 'A' camera you have) is offered for about $100 to $200 or so, nowadays. Sometimes for $300-odd, if it is complete and with all accessories... but that price might be a bit bold and less likely to sell.

The Tamron CT Telephoto Macro 1:38 I cannot quote a price for, that could be several different lenses. If that were a CF lens, then it might be worth $20 to $60 or $80 at most, unless in very good condition and with all extras.

The other Tamron lens, the Matrix, sounds like info gotten off a UV filter mounted on the lens, not off the lens itself. For info on that lens, please state only info on the lens body itself, and all the info, and I may be able to figure out its worth.

The Vivitar Zoom Thyristor 285, is worth about $20 to about $60 at most. But it will sell at prices in the lower part of that range.

The camera is, in short, much the most valuable of that set of items.

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Customer: replied 28 days ago.
The other lens is a Tamron 35-700 mm Adaptall 2 lens;also jave a Vivitar VIC UV-haze 55 mm lens. Thanks!

The Adaptall 2 is a lens adapter ring, no a lens. It's worth maybe $4.00

The Tamron 35-700... there appears to be no such lens. More information would be required to give an estimate on the value of that lens.

The Vivitar... well, the UV-haze 55 mm is a filter, a UV and Haze filter, and worth about $4.00

And the lens, again, connect be identified without more information.

The lenses can be offered, at an estimate, for $40-50 if they are fairly 'used' or old looking.

If they look newer, offer them for more like $100 or $150. Barring better identification of which lenses they are.

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