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Before i have a co0mplete hissy fit i just received n2

Customer Question

before i have a co0mplete hissy fit i just received n2 cables for my 660 garmin i received supposedly one fits in the wall both have square plugs on end i lost the cable that came with it i ordered from factory outlet where am i suppose to plug this thing in i paid almost 700 dollars for this for my motorcycle and i received 2 crappy cables i know it will charge when i put it on my bike im going to Canada next year riding my bike i dont want to get lost please please help me
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 11 months ago.


I am not aware of which cables you purchased; however, I have posted a link below to the correct chargers.

The wall charger for your device can be found at the following page:

A car charger can be found at the following page:

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Customer: replied 11 months ago.

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