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Category: Consumer Electronics
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My sentry safe dsw5840 will not open, have code, key serial

Customer Question

My sentry safe dsw5840 will not open, have code, key serial number and everything digital lock says its in the proceed position, but handle just spins, I think it's the actuator? Saw a video but not sure really, need help fast please....oh and was on phone ,
on hold for an hour and 3 minutes with sentry customer service. They never answered
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  educatortech replied 11 months ago.
The first step in this is to ensure that the batteries are fresh. You would not believe how many times that it the issue as, if the batteries are low, then the safe will not have enough power to move the metal bars in the safe to release.  It is often not unusual for the low battery alert to not show, especially if a non-lithium battery is being used.I always recommend that you use lithium batteries (as opposed to alkaline) as they are made for electronics and keep their constant charge till the end. Alkaline batteries lose power over time and, even though they may show they still have power, are weaker than needed.If you have a round combination area, turn from the 12pm to 2pm position and remove the front of the battery area. Replace the batteries then replace the cover by turning from the 2 pm to 12 pm position. Try to open again as normal.If you have a rectangular area, use a pen tip or a paperclip to push in on the button in the lower rectangular area. While pushing it in, slide off the front cover to expose the batteries. Replace the batteries and then replace the cover. Try again to open.Reply back if you have any issue or it does not solve your problem. If this gets the safe open for you, be sure to rate/submit my response when satisfied so that I receive credit for my help today.:-)
Customer: replied 11 months ago.

Batteries are fresh they are alkaline but I really don't want to go out and buy lithium they are brand-new out of the package but just in case I tried other ones in the package even though brand new that all says proceed and green lights there is no low battery light I don't believe it's the batteries still needhelp

Expert:  educatortech replied 11 months ago.
Sorry about delay. Let's test actuator. Take a rubber mallet (or hammer wrapped in towel). Give 3-4 solid hits above the lock, below the lock, and in each corner. Try opening process. May need to redo a few times to break actuator free. Be careful not to strike lock area.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.

Tried all the suggested hitting spots maybe 20times ,nothing. What else?

Expert:  educatortech replied 11 months ago.
Unfortunately this means a more major issue and will require a locksmith as they will need to access the internal areas. Sorry. I always hate to have to send that way but limited on computer without having safe physically in front.