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I have a vupoint ip25 photo cube. I'm attempting to print

Customer Question

I have a vupoint ip25 photo cube. I'm attempting to print from my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. I was able to Agee months ago. Now it keeps asking for me to connect to the phone even though I already did.Do I need a firmware upgrade due o a google security upgrade.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.
try downloading the app from the play store again. try a different usb cable.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That did not work.
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.
look closely at the printer. If the ink is empty or the paper is empty or jammed it wont connect
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.
You are looking for something like this they are designed to be portable notebooks that work almost 100% on the net.they have no hard drive but instead they have 32gb of emcc storageIt is not much storage. The operating system takes a big chunk of it. But they are fast and cheap. My wife has one and loves it. As long as you don't put many programs or much data on it they will work quite well.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My photo cube still does not connect. I checked (even tried anew one) cartridge. Changed cell phone/ usb cable and re downloaded the app. Same problem.
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.
You know i have to think that there is a physical problem with the have tried 3 different devices, different cables, new software. there just isnt that much to that printer. have you got a computer that you can try to hook it up to ? that might at least tell us if it is even putting out a signal on the usb to connect with.

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