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I am working with a radio station and they want to do live

Customer Question

i am working with a radio station and they want to do live streaming during broadcasting with two cameras switching back and forth,how can this be done and what equipment would be need?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Hi there
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Cameras - First, you will need two or more cameras, ideally HD with HDMI or HD-SDI outputs. Many options in the $2k – $5k range are readily available. Check out the Canon XA25 HD camcorder priced at $2.5k. This camera has a 20x zoom lens, XLR audio, HD-SDI & HDMI outputs and is compact enough for travelling with. Switcher – To switch seamlessly between the cameras, you can use either software-based products such as Telestream’s Wirecast, or hardware switchers such as the Black-magic Design ATEM Television Studio, or all-in-one streaming boxes such as the Livestream HD500.Audio – if you want to livestream the audio as well you will need a small audio mixer to control the level feed and mic. Another consideration is maintaining sync between the audio and video. Typically the video switcher introduces a delay of 2-3 frames which means your audio needs to be delayed by the same amount. Sometimes the solution is to route the audio output of your mixer through one of your cameras. That way the audio becomes embedded with the video inside the camera and is brought into the switcher through one of the video inputs. The switcher then maintains the audio/video sync. But if you bring the audio directly into the encoder, you will need an audio delay unit to compensate.Encoder – You will need a hardware or software encoder with an HD input to create your video stream. The best are software encoders such as Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast running on a laptop. A video capture device with HD-SDI or HDMI inputs will also be necessary to bring the video into the computer. Black-Magic Design and Matrox offer many low-cost solutions for this.