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I have a Sentry Model S0209 safe, which I've had years. I

Customer Question

I have a Sentry Model S0209 safe, which I've had for many years. I believe the combination is L35-R3-L74. For convenience, whenever I close the safe I usually turn the dial a few degrees away from the last number so that the next time I use it I don't have to go through the complete combination. However, because I'm going away for a period of time I wanted to completely lock the safe. But before I left, I wanted to make sure I could reopen it with the combination I have. But its not working. What should I be doing?
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Customer: Just how many times I should be turning the dial to the left or right after the first number.
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Cerecita replied 1 year ago.

Hello, Dennis and thanks for your question.

Since you haven't dialed the combination fully, in the recent past, you may have forgotten the proper dialing sequence, which I am providing for you, below:

First, turn the dial gently, a few rotations to the left or right, to 'clear' it.

A. Start the dial at zero.

B. Turn the dial to the left. Make sure ZERO
passes the pointer at least THREE times. Then stop
at the first number of your combination.

C. Turn the dial to the right. Stop the SECOND
time you reach the second number of your

D. Turn the dial to the left. Stop the FIRST
time the pointer reaches the third number of your


In addition, if your safe also requires a key to open and it is a round, hollow key, turn it to pop out the cylinder inside and then REMOVE the key before dialing your combination.

Please let me know if this helps and if not, I have some additional suggestions for you.

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Warmest regards,

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

What you've suggested is what we've done and it still doesn't work. I have also noticed that my VISA account has already been hit with the full fee for a service that has not been satisfactorily provided.

Expert:  Cerecita replied 1 year ago.

Hi again, Dennis and thanks for your helpful reply.

Experts have nothing to do with charges, so you would need to contact Customer Service about that:***@******.***

If what I suggested has already been tried, here are some additional suggestions:

Spray some WD-40 lightly, around the underside of the dial.

Take a rubber mallet or hammer with a towel wrapped around the head, as to not damage the safe, and hit the door above and below the dial, plus, around all the edges and top of the safe.

Also, hit and push in against the upper left corner of the door, as if you were closing it. The rubber gasket inside the door tends to swell in older safes and sometimes makes the door stick.

Sometimes, when you dial the combo, try doing it one or one half number below and/or above the correct numbers, as the dial can wear out with age.

Try tilting (if possible) the safe to the left, right and/or back, in case something inside is stuck up against the opening mechanism, inside. Then, dial the combination, following the instructions.

Make sure your handle is in the absolute horizontal position before you start. If you dial your combination and pull the handle down and it doesn't open, try turning it up.

If you're not 100% sure of your combination, you can request it through Sentry, at the following webpage:


Let me know if this helps.

Warmest wishes,