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Installed Garmin Connect Mobile on my Sony phone.Have

Customer Question

Installed Garmin Connect Mobile on my Sony phone.Have attempted to pair with my newly purchased Garmin vivosmart HR by following prompt on app. Does not locate my device. Bluetooth is on.
The Garmin has default settings displayed in language other than English??
Very frustrating!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.

Hi Carol,

To change the language, you will need to select "Device Settings" from the 'Devices' widget, then select Language. If you aren't sure what to select, please attach a photo here of what you see on the device so I can advise further.


If you are experiencing connectivity issues between your vivosmart and your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Update the Garmin Connect Mobile app
    • If 'auto updates' are enabled on your phone, you may already be up to date. If not, you can check the Play Store which will provide a list of app updates available
  2. Update the vivosmart firmware
    • Updating with a computer (recommended)
      1. Visit
      2. Follow the instructions to connect the vivosmart to your computer and enter USB mode
      3. Download and install Garmin Express
      4. Follow the on-screen prompts to add your device to Garmin Express
      5. Click Install All to install the new software
      6. After removing the unit from the charger, the unit will display 'Updating Software...'
      7. Allow the update process to complete
    • Updating with a paired mobile phone
      1. Place the unit on the charger and allow it to charge for a few minutes
      2. Remove the unit from the charger
      3. The unit will display 'Updating Software...'
      4. Allow the update process to complete
      5. Note: Firmware updates are downloaded to the vivosmart automatically within a few days of a software release. If this update method is not successful for you, please use the computer update instructions listed above.
  3. Remove any paired vivosmart devices from your Android phone Bluetooth settings (Note: Your vivosmart will not function properly if paired directly through Bluetooth settings on your phone. It must be paired within the Garmin Connect Mobile app.)
    1. Turn off Bluetooth on the vivosmart. (Press and hold the face of the vivosmart until the settings options appear. Swipe through the settings until you see the Bluetooth symbol.)
    2. Open the Bluetooth menu on your phone.
    3. Remove the previous pairing with vivosmart by selecting the settings icon next to the device under the Paired Devices list
    4. Disable and then enable Bluetooth on your phone
    5. Turn on Bluetooth on the vivosmart
  4. If necessary, re-pair the vivosmart to your Garmin Connect Mobile app
    1. Open Garmin Connect Mobile
    2. Touch the Home Menu button
    3. Touch Garmin Devices
    4. Touch the "+" in the upper-right corner
    5. Touch All Devices
    6. Touch vivosmart
    7. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing process

Once your vivosmart and Garmin Connect Mobile app are updated and the devices are paired, then the vivosmart will sync properly.