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Russell H.
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I have an it s2000 five reel machine that is showing "door

Customer Question

I have an it s2000 five reel machine that is showing "door open M", "coin out jam" & "call attendant"
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

'Call attendant' means that generally there's a detected error.

'Coin out jam' means that a jam condition has been sensed. I presume that you have examined the count output slots and passages and determined that there is no such condition actually present. If so, and if there is no real coin jam-up in the slots and passages that coins might come out of, then you either have a defective bit of circuitry or a defective bit of sensor switch in the coin output slot, that is incorrectly telling the machine's central workings that such an error is present.

As for 'Door open M'... if it signals that even with the door quite closed, then there is a door-shut-sensor that is not working. Possibly the optical door-closed sensor is not aligned properly and so a door-closed condition is not being registered and sensed properly.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I know that is sending an incorrect condition, want to know how to clear the codes & correct the problem?
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.

Try re-aligning the door sensor. From some indications in what little information I have on your model, the door-closed-sensor may be optical... in which case it has a photocell that senses when a light-beam is interrupted upon door closure.