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Michael, Technician
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  Over 25 years experience in the field of electronics repair, TV, VCR and computer repair.
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I'm tech challenged, and am in need of some help determining

Customer Question

I'm tech challenged, and am in need of some help determining the best set up (sound wise) for my new Audio Technica AT-LP120. It has a built in pre-amp, and I bought some computer speakers for a plug and play experience. Didn't realize the limitations I would have from a sound standpoint, volume control on back of speaker, no treble, bass, etc modifications. The audio wire is short on the record player so speakers have to stay close. I'm thinking I should purchase a stereo receiver and wired speakers. Do you know if this will help and if it's complicated to set up? Do you have any suggestions for product based on the turntable I have? Many thanks in advance for your help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.

Hi good morning, I will send you an offer so we can actually speak on the phone about this issue as it will help a great deal if you accept. I can call you when your time permits, just let me know on that?

Or if you would like I can continue here like this if you wish?

In any case,

you are correct, if you get a good receiver, you would have the ability to play with bass and treble thereby making richer more full sound. As for the short wires, that can always be worked out with extension leads or adding wire a different way and I will help you do that aswell, also I can help you with the best placement of the speakers etc for optimal sound performance.

Please let me know on all of this here, or simply accept the offer so I can call you, if you do that, please include your phone # ***** best time to call.

I am in EST time zone.

Thank you


Tech Michael