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Category: Consumer Electronics
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Ok I give, I think I hate my safe now. Help maybe?

Customer Question

Ok I give, I think I hate my safe now. Help maybe?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  educatortech replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Greg. What is the make and model? What issue is occurring?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It is a Sentry Safe, fireproof (resistant?) safe. It has a combination push button lock with an orange backlit LED display. It also has a key to use along with the combination. The key itself is round and hollow and fits into the lock, which can be locked by pressing a/the tubular-like button by finger or by using the key to press inwards and counterclockwise. Then there is the handle that once unlocked I should be able to grab with my whole hand, rotate my wrist downwards and it should open. It's a fairly heavy safe and I have had it probably for about 10 years. I've never had an issue with it. However, I had moved my family quite frequently due to the military. Retired a couple of years ago and it's easily been a year or longer since the safe had been opened. I have a 6-digit combination I use, key still locks and unlocks the tubular-looking key lock, LED display reads that the battery has 2 out of 4 bars indicating its power/strength left, and when key the key has unlocked the lock and been removed and 6-digit combination has been entered-LED registers an icon that looks like an unlocked padlock which should indicate I can open it, but it just won't. As far as hearing times I hear that it "should be working" but sometimes I don't hear anything.
I believe this number to be the model number? CSW3813
And this one the serial number? AS712870
I have tried to find the answer online and came across, what I thought to be, another question like mine and it appeared that maybe you were even the expert to answer it...your reply was to take a mallet or wrapped hammer and hit it 6 times in the upper and lower middle of the safe (making sure to not hit close to the combo lock) as it may have lost some of its lubrication in the inner workings of the mechanism....and to try it a few times. If opened, to take WD-40 and loosen the lock by going through the motion of locking and unlocking, while the door is open, to re-lubricate all the "junk (my word not yours lol) inside once again.
I have obviously tried that several times today with no luck. Any other advice? 😣
Thank you.
Expert:  educatortech replied 1 year ago.

The first step in this is to ensure that the batteries are fresh. You would not believe how many times that it the issue as, if the batteries are low, then the safe will not have enough power to move the metal bars in the safe to release. It is often not unusual for the low battery alert to not show, especially if a non-lithium battery is being used.

I always recommend that you use lithium batteries (as opposed to alkaline) as they are made for electronics and keep their constant charge till the end. Alkaline batteries lose power over time and, even though they may show they still have power, are weaker than needed.

If you have a round combination area, turn from the 12pm to 2pm position and remove the front of the battery area. Replace the batteries then replace the cover by turning from the 2 pm to 12 pm position. Try to open again as normal.

If you have a rectangular area, use a pen tip or a paperclip to push in on the button in the lower rectangular area. While pushing it in, slide off the front cover to expose the batteries. Replace the batteries and then replace the cover. Try again to open.

Reply back if you have any issue or it does not solve your problem. If this gets the safe open for you, be sure to rate/submit my response when satisfied so that I receive credit for my help today.