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Category: Consumer Electronics
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Remote will no longer work. Cannot turn on system at all.

Customer Question

Remote will no longer work. Cannot turn on system at all.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Rusty. Will it turn on using the buttons on the radio?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
There are no buttons on the radio. It works strictly with the remote.
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Ok, in that case, unplug the radio for one minute. Plug it back in. If it still doesn't work, use the camera on your phone. Point the remote at the camera, and press any button. Do you see the light flash?

This will tell us whether the remote needs to be replaced, or if there is a problem with the remote sensor in the radio.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Unplugged for a full minute. Tried again. Nothing happened. No flash when pointing the camera at the remote.
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Ok, and you understand that the flash happens in the camera's LCD when you press a button on the remote? (Great tech trick for testing remotes)

For good measure, try it again on another camera phone. If there's no flash, that's good news. It means either the batteries are backwards in the remote, or you will just have to replace the remote. Give me the model number on the remote, and I'll find you a replacement. They aren't cheap (They're Bose), but replacements are available.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No other camera phone in the house. Checked the battery. Shining side should be to the back of the remote? Also see printed on the remote battery compartment CR 2032 while the battery is CR 2025.
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

The side that has the writing should be facing you; You should be able to read the battery when the battery is in the remote when you remove the cover Positive side facing the rear of the remote, the shiny side with no writing facing the buttons. Double check that for me. Also, don't touch the flat parts of the battery, wipe them clean with a paper towel and only touch the sides of the battery..

The battery that you're supposed to use is the CR 2032. However, they are both 3 volt batteries, so as long as they make contact, it should work. I'd say the first thing is to replace the battery with the 2032.

If you have the battery in correctly, tell me the model number of the radio. It should start with AWR.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Cannot find a model number on the radio anywhere. Have turned it upside down and backwards. It is the Bose with the multi-cd changer. We have had a problem getting the remote to work for awhile. Had to keep moving it around and then finally it would make contact. It will no longer do that. The radio still keeps the time and lights on the radio are bright.
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Turns out they're cheapest at, click here. Is that your remote? If not, click here and choose your right remote. Since you didn't see the light in your camera, you'll need to replace your remote.

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