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My wife on a Garmin S2 watch type golf range finder about 5

Customer Question

My wife on a Garmin S2 watch type golf range finder about 5 months ago. Since then it will not charge every time, the buttons to change modes are loose and it is very difficult to turn off. Can you help ith a repair or exchange?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.

Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

Sorry I didn't see your question earlier and to hear of any issue with the watch.

From what you have said about the condition of this watch, especially "loose buttons", I would say that the pro gave you good advice. If the watch was purchased NEW and is less than 1 year old, it should still be covered by the standard 1 year warranty that comes with all new devices.

If I'm interpreting you message correctly, and your wife "won" the watch, you (or she) may have to explain that to the Garmin customer support folks - because usually a receipt is needed to process a warranty claim. TIP: Most customer support folks can check the serial number and find the date the device was sold.

To see the warranty process, please go to the following link.

One other note: I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you phone the support folks during their regular hours - and speak to them on the phone. This is because it is much easier for them to "say yes" when actually speaking to them (vs. email).

I have their contact information and hours for you below.

Garmin Customer Support
Monday-Thursday: 8 AM-6 PM,
Friday 8 AM-5 PM Central Time
(closed holidays)

U.S.: 1(###) ###-####or(###) ###-####br />Canada: 1(###) ###-####/p>

I hope this helps you have this device repaired or replaced under that warranty. Please let me know your results - when you can - or if you have any more questions about the process.

Take Care, Greg A.

Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.

Hi again,

I see it has been a few days and I just wanted to follow up to see if you have any more questions concerning this issue or if the issue was resolved.


I look forward to any further questions or results that you may have.

Thanks, ***** *****
--. .-