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Neil, Engineer
Category: Consumer Electronics
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I have a technics Surround Soundsystem, SDd-3400 and 4400.

Customer Question

I have a technics Surround Soundsystem, SDd-3400 and 4400. Our amplifier says overload and we have no sound. Unplugged the speakers and overload did not disappear. Any ideas?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Neil replied 2 years ago.
Hi Did you unplug the unit from the power after removing the speakers? You sometimes have to completely power down after the protection has tripped...
Expert:  Neil replied 2 years ago.
Try a full power down reset, if no luck then it points to an internal fault that will need a repairman... Often with these units its just a poor solder joint so the first thing to do is check all soldering to the board and the terminals..
If all ok then the next thing to look at are the big capacitors... These can fail over time and cause this symptom. Finally it could be the output device itself which can be tricky to replace, you need specialist desoldering equipment to replace these..