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I have a Honeywell gun safe at work and the only way to

Customer Question

Hi I have a Honeywell gun safe at work and the only way to open it is to key in the 4 digit code the enter. When the battery starts to die you can tell by the sound it makes . We then pull off the cover, pull out the battery then unplug the white cord. When placing a new battery in we then plug back the white cord then place the cover back on , then it is okay . But now when we placed a new battery this time it started making a low humming noise and when we plugged back the white cord it would not work . So now I can't open the safe . This humming noise has never happened before . The safe is one and half years old. What do I do ? Anthony ***********
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Hi Anthony,
There are a few things to check on this one.
First make sure to use ONLY DURACELL alkaline batteries in this safe. Also make sure they are infact fully charged, even new batteries will sometimes be defective or weak and this can affect the operations of the lock mechamism.
Also check the batteries contact terminals in the safes battery compartment make sure they are clean, bright and shiny and arent bent where the batteries wont make a good solid connection.
Please try all of this then if it works ok please rate my service kindly. If not though, please hold off on rating and simply reply to me for further instructions;-)