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Hi, I am trying to reconnect my phone system after moving and

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Hi, I am trying to reconnect my phone system after moving and can't seem to access the outside lines. The internal phones seem to work and we have a dial tone then but when we dial 9 we don't get a tone. CH08 lights up on the board and is displayed on the phone itself. Do you have any thoughts on how to correct this?
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX have to reprogram your Account codes if that is part of your programming, but I would need to know what model phone system you have and what type of telco service you have to know for sure. Can you please provide whatever technical detail you can? That will allow me to provide some specific steps you can take.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The system is NEC Electra Elite 48 and the phones are DTU-16D-2 TEL.

Thank you for the information. This system is fairly complex so I don't want to change too much. Your programming should have been retained and should work IF your trunks haven't changed. If they have or if you need to program the trunk access code again, use the following to program the trunk access code memory block.
4 6
Then use # XXXXX * to move the cursor right and left. Peas 9 (dial number) and transfer.
Numeric data to the right of that should be set to
101 for trunk 1 and 102 for trunk 2

So the display should read at the right
(9)=101 or 102 depending on the trunk group you intend to use.

Also, removing and reinserting the card after 30 seconds will reset it, but I would check the programming here as well.

If you have any log alerts, they might be helpful.