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Russell H.
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My Stanley garage door opener, model SD550 works fine with

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My Stanley garage door opener, model SD550 works fine with the remote, however I am unable to reprogram the keypad on the outside of the garage doo. I have done everything I can see online instructions repeatedly, tried to reset the code (which I can't remember anymore) and changed the battery. Am super frustrated at this point and can't really afford a new system. Any suggestions??

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

Try this suggested solution to your problem, please:

Press and hold, both at the same time, the Access Learn and the Radio Learn keys on the keypad.
Keep holding them down for over 12 seconds... the Status indicator light on the keypad should now be Off.

Press Access Learn two times... the Status light should blink each time then end On.

You have now reset the keypad code, and it can be reset to a new code:
Now enter the four-digit access code you want to use.
Press Access Learn once. (If Status blinks rapidly at this point, the process has failed... begin at the beginning again.)
Now press Radio Learn two times... Status should blink each time then end On.
Enter the Radio Code - this may be listed on your Stanley product's original sales paperwork.
Press Radio Learn once. Status should turn Off. (...if it blinks quickly then this part of the process - at least this part - has failed.)

That completes the process. The codes entered should work.

If the above doesn't work, after trying again carefully any steps that failed, let me know.

- If there is anything lacking in this answer, please " Reply " letting me know, and I will try to improve upon my answer.
- If this is the Answer that helps with the issue, then rating my Answer positively would be appreciated.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Russell for getting back to me. I tried the steps, but was unsuccessful. However, I did manage to find the direct power source to the keypad......disconnected it and waited for 15 minutes, then reconnected and entered the information as if the keypad was back to factory service codes. Voila.....that seemed to do the trick. It could have been that I wasn't pressing the keypad numbers hard enough or waited too long, but everything is working fine now, so I'll just leave it alone.

Thanks for your assistance.

I am glad to hear that a solution has been reached, by whatever means.

Thank you for consulting Please feel welcome to ask another question, at any time, in any one of our numerous categories.