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Vingcard 2100 series, key cards are not encoding on the encoder

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Vingcard 2100 series, key cards are not encoding on the encoder and it reads encoder not responding and i dont know whats wrong.Does it mean that the encoder needs a new part or not.We have 3 encoders and all of them are doing the same thing.One of the units does not even do anything

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am still wanting to know why the 3 encoders that i have for vingcard are not working.They are not being keyed when we swipe the card on the encoder.Do i need parts for it and what type of part is required for the encoder to work.Is it a simple thing to do or what please reply and let me know what would be needed to do.It is a 2100 series vingcard system.
Did all 3 encoders stop working at the exact same time? Are these all standalone encoders with a touchscreen on them?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No all the encoders stopped working at different times and its the encoder base that is not responding in keying the keycards and not the touchscreen encoder.Does that make sense to you and are you understanding my question.You take a keycard and swipe it downwards to enter the room number on the key.It is actually on the encoder base where all the problems are for all 3 of the encoders and is there a part thats not functioning in the base thats not working.The encoder always reads ENCODER NOT RESPONDING.Await your reply urgently as all of them are giving me alot of problems.

If your getting that error before the card is even being swiped, it sounds like the Power Supply is providing too low of voltage to properly sustain the encoder. Replacements can be purchased from here: I would replace one and see how well it works.

Carl L, Master Technician
Satisfied Customers: 4058
Experience: Current Electronics Shop Owner and Master Technician in FL.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The error on the encoder actually shows encoder not responding after we first put in the room number,swipe the card and a few seconds later the message appears.What do you think it is.Is the error in the base or on the actual encoder where all the number buttons are.I am not quite sure what you would call that.Is it the reader or what.
They actually call the encoder the base without the Keypad and they are very expensive. If it didn't give a positive write, then it may glitch itself out. That could be caused by not having enough power going to the encoder's magnetizer. Replacing the Power Supply would be the first step. It's located in the base itself.

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