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I have a 110v power supply in my cabin from a solar

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I have a 110v power supply in my wilderness cabin from a solar system, at some times I run off a honda generator that runs true sine. I am installing a Sony Marine Amplifier XM604M and Sony Receiver CDXM60UI due to weather/environment conditions. What do I need to transform 110v power down to Marine equipment range with appropriate amperage for this system? I had been looking at something like a Pyramid PS15KX but don't know what amperage level is required for the two units combined, or do you have another recommendation? Please be as specific as possible as I am not an electronics person. Any information on what specifically I need in wiring materials to connect up the power would be helpful too. I am starting froma regular 110v household plug and need to end up in the sony marine audio equipment. Thank You! Andrew
hi, thanks for using JA:

I will be as precise as I can, but if you need more information, just let me know.

Ok, the Sony XM604M has this power requirements :

12 V DC marine battery (negative ground)

With at least, 33 A.

The Sony receiver CDXM60UI has this power requirements:

Current Drain : 3 - 5 amps

Input Voltage : 12 V DC car battery (negative ground)

So you will neew a Power supply that converts 110V into 12VDC, and that can provide at least 38 Amps.

I would need to know if your actual installation can run such a high current and the price range that you will pay for the power supply.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry for delay in these questions my internet went down for a while. The amplifier draws a lot of power, Is this just at peak usage or is this whenever it is turned on? I am just wanting to know for power drain and circuit box wiringm, Would I need a 38 amp circuit at the junction box? I think most of these circuits are 15 or 20, how can it be that much? If I were in a house I would not have a special circuit for my stereo...

So I see simple devices for converting 110 ac power to 12v DC like adapters and then boxes like the pyramid unit. what distinguishes these? is it this amps issue
hi Andrew,

The values provided are the max current draw from the device. This means that, in the case of the amplifier, if you turn the volume to the maximum possible value, the amplifier will consume 33 A. The consumption is more or less lineal with the sound output power, the higher the volume the higher the current consumption.

You can use a power supply with less than 38 Amps, it will work for low volume levels. However, if you turn the volume to the max, accidentally, the power supply will be burnt, and possible the amplifier too. So it's better to have a high current power supply. That way, you can be sure that the PSU won't burn out. There isn't so much difference in price actually, so I think you will be limited by the 110V max current.

For your second question, can you tell me the exact PSU that you are looking to?

Thank you!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The PSU was Pyramids along the lines of what you see on this page


but these are huge devices. Would it be smarter for me to have a marine battery in the middle that I continually charge instead of these monsters. Wouldn't a marine battery have to be able to supply adequate amps?


Will I need a bigger circuit breaker at junction box too?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

you also asked about the power system. the solar system is to spec of following

with the 800amhour battery farm

generator is 3000w truesine from Honda

hi Andrew,

Thank you for your reply,

Once moment while I perform the calculations!

OK, for the PSU, well there are different types of piramid Pyramid PS15KX, depending into the max current supported. I have selected one for you, that will fit exactly your needs:

This PSU outputs in 12 V, 40 Amps constant. Which is more or less the current you would need-as max current. This is the safest option. You can buy a lower current PSU, but please, be etremly careful with the power consumption of the amplifier.

For the solar system, well, it's difficult to tell if it can power the whole system of not. I would say that yes, but I would need the exact model number of the battery. Lead acid batteries can output a lot of current, so almost 90% sure that the solar system can drive the amplifier plus receiver setup. But to be 100% sure, I would need the exact model number of battery that you have in the solar installation.

Thank you!
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