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I have a Samsung Galaxy S1. Want to downloas photos to my computer

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S1. Want to downloas photos to my computer Had 'Kies' (Çhoose') on my computer. Had a computer crash. 'Kies' gone. Am now reinstalling everything. The Disk provided with my Galaxy smartphone gives two folders: .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Windows Media Format (nothing about 'Kies'). I copied these to my desktop. Plugged in my phone and hoped photos would be tranferred automatically to Picasa.
But no...
Can you help?
hi, thanks for using JA:

The best option to connect your Samsung S1 to your PC is enabling the USB Mass Storage settings. You can connect your device to a PC as a removable disk and access the file directory without any kind of drivers.
If you insert a memory card in the device, you can also access the file directory of the memory card by using the device as a memory card reader.The file directory of the memory card will appear as a removable disk, separate from the internal memory.
Please, follow the step bellow to connect your Galaxy as a Mass Storage Device:

1. If you want to transfer files from or to a memory card, insert a memory card into the device.
2. In Idle mode, open the application list and select Settings → Wireless and network → USB settings → Mass storage.
3. Using a PC data cable, connect the multifunction jack on your device to a PC.
4. When connected, select Connect storage to PC.
5. Open the folder to view files. Once the removable disk drive is opened, you should see the folders stored in your Galaxy S. Once of them should be "DCIM" which is the folder that stores the pictures in your Phone. Open that folder.
6. Copy files from the phone to the PC.
7. When you are finished, select Disconnect storage from PC.To disconnect the device from the PC, click the USB device icon on the Windows task bar and click the option to safely remove the mass storage device. Then remove the PC data cable from the PC. Otherwise, you may lose data stored on the memory card or damage the memory card.
Let me know if you need more help, as I would be glad to answer all of your questions.

Regards! If that helped, don't forget to accept my answer!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you so far Ratonxify. I don't have a memory card in my Galaxy other than the Vodafone card that came with my subscription (but that must also be some kind of memory card, as it stores my pictures!) And with the 'Kies' ('Choose') software that came with my Galaxy I could easily download them (until I had that crash :-)). However, one of the two little 'Kies' disks got lost and so I downloaded that software from the Internet, but the connection does not work even when I follow the instructions for 'Connection problems'; something with the drivers.
So now I'm ready to try your driverless trick. But I get stuck: When I open 'Settings - Wireless and network' in my Galaxy I don't see 'USB settings'. The only options are 'Airplane mode, Wi-Fi settings, Settings Mobile AP, Bluetooth settings, VPN settings, Mobile networks and Synchronize'. So I cannot choose 'Mass storage'. What to do next?

Sorry, I though your Samsung model was a Galaxy S+ but it's a normal Galaxy. Yes, that option is located exactly here:

Settings › About Phone › USB Settings > Mass Storage

Sorry for my fault. The other instructions in my answer are still the same, only changes where the Mass Storage option is located in your Galaxy Phone.

Let me know if any problem or issue arises, so I can follow up with your question.

Best regards

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dear Ratonxify,

Indeed, I have a GT I9000. I found 'Mass Storage' and activated it.
Then connected the multifunction jack on my device to my Sony Vaio laptop. Nothing happened and I cannot find the command 'Connect storage to PC' that I should activate now... neither on the Galaxy nor on my PC.
Feel like a completee Muggins :-).

OK, no problem. Could you to My Computer and see if the phone is showed as an external disk drive?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It says there is an SD/MMC (F) rewritable drive, but when I open that the DCIM and MISC folders are empty and I only see 3 pictures that are not on my Galaxy, which holds some 70 photos.

Is it posible that you have another device connected to your computer? For example a SD card from a digital camera, and the computer recognizes that card a "F:"?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, you're right: that's de SD card of my stills camera (that I forgot to take out when I downloaded the content last week).

Ok, it's strange that this process does not work straight on. Could you tell me the Windows version that you are using? I will provide a trick so the computer can recognize the phone. If the trick does not work, we will connect the phone using Kies.

Best regards,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Ratonxify,

My laptop runs on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Meanwhile I've found the first Kies disc, so I can try to get that software installed when I have a moment. However, I'm also curious to hear your 'trick'.

Now I'm having lunch and after that 2 bodywork sessions. So I'll be offline till 6:00 p.m. Amsterdam time (it's 1:30 p.m. now).
Thankx so far
Warm Regards

Thank you for your repply. Yes, we will see if the computer has recognized your Samsung Galaxy correctly. Please, To enter Device Manager in Windows 7, follow the steps outlined bellow:

1. Click the Start button to view the Start Menu and then choose the Control Panel option.

2. The Control Panel window opens up.

3. The System and Security section of Control Panel opens up and you can see the direct link for the Device Manager.

4. Click on the Device Manager and window opens up.

In device manager, click Action, and then click Scan for hardware changes. You computer will start scanning the USB ports looking for new hardware. Take a look at the device list where your Galaxy should show up, it should be in Universal Buss controllers section, Disk Driver or Storage Controllers. That way we can be sure where is the problem, because I suspect that the computer cannot connect to your Galaxy, and that's why Mass Storage mode does not work.

Best regards!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Ratonxify,

Under Device manager/Disk Driver I found:


When I open them they both say: 'this device works correctly'.
There are tabs saying:

- General
- Policy rules
- Volumes
- Drivers
- Details

So, what's next for getting the Galaxy pictures onto the computer?


Best regards,

hi Yoyo,

Wierd! The computer recognizez the phone, but the disk drives are not showed in your computer, very strange. Ok, go to device Manager again. Then, right click over the two Samsung Devices:


The disconnected the phone from the USB port. Now restart the computer AND your Samsung Galaxy. Once both devices are ready, connect the Samsung again to your Computer. Hopefully, the disk drives will apper in "My Computer" window. You will have to wait until the computer automatically installs the driver for the Samsung Galaxy Phone-basically, it should appear as an normal external disk drive.

Let me know if it worked. If not, could you try connecting the phone in another computer from your home?-no driver needed in this other computer.

Best Regards!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dear Ratonxify,

Right-clicking on the two Samsung Devices offered the option to update the drivers. When I clicked that option it went looking for update onthe Internet, then said that the most recent drivers were already installed on the computer.

So, I followed your suggestion, disconnected the phone, restarted bothe the Galaxy and the computer, connected the phone to the computer and then had a look at 'My Computer' again.

I spotted an interchangeable G-disk, but it didn't give any data. Then I went to my Galaxy and checked if it reported the USB-connection. It did, and... it also asked if I wanted to make a LINK tot the computer for transferring data!!! When I clicked 'Link', immediately the data were visible on my computer and I could download my photos.

So: mission completed!
I thank you very much for this exciting journey to the 'outbacks' of my laptop and Galaxy and if you send me one more mail, I'll then click the 'Accept Answer' button so that you can collect your € 16 fee.

All the best,
Yoyo -

hi Yoyo,

Excellent :). You are very welcome and please, come to JustAnswer when the need arises.

Thank you!

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