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I just purchased a Sylvania Mp4 SMPK8000B player. I could not

Resolved Question:

I just purchased a Sylvania Mp4 SMPK8000B player. I could not read the instruction manual so I printed a manual of the internet. I tells me to install the software CD. Mine did not come with a cd. Do I have to do that or can I just plug it in to ITunes?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Russell H. replied 5 years ago.
To work with iTunes, it probably needs to work with your computer first and foremost - which would require a driver, most likely from that CD.

You should contact the vendor about anything missing from your order. (They may even have the slobby practice of retaining CDs of software from the manufacturer for each device, unless required to provide it. So a bit of contacting them about it might help.)

But you might possibly be able to get the driver for it, from the internet... checking there, I find...this device appears to be made for Sylvania Curtis International. This lists it as coming with an installation CD, and could be cited in communications with whatever slobby vendor left out or took out the CD from the package:

Also note whether it came with the earphones/earbuds, and whether it came with a USB cable for the connection to the computer... those are mentioned as part of the package.

Searching for a downloadable driver set on the Curtis International Support site, I find... downloadable drivers whatever. So you will, presumably, really need that CD.
(This is all the helpful stuff that Curtis mentions about its MP3 player type devices:

In conclusion: you have been deprived of a legitimate part of your MP3 package or sales product, by the vendor, apparently. An essential part. This means, if they can't provide that CD, you should return it to them ASAP as 'defective from vendor'. Period.

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