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I have an Denon AVR-1712 with 2 Zone capability. I just bought

Resolved Question:

I have an Denon AVR-1712 with 2 Zone capability. I just bought a Harmony 900. How can I set up the Zone 2?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  2lego replied 5 years ago.

2lego :

Hello, and welcome to Just Answer, I'm happy to help you here.

2lego :

The first step, if you haven't done so yet, is to download and install the Harmony software on your computer to do the programming for the remote.

2lego :

This can be done online at the link below

2lego :

Once you have the software installed for your specific computer you can start with the programming process.


I have done that. I have done the programing but I cannot program the 2nd Zone activity.

2lego :

Harmony does a great job of walking you through this process. The thing to remember when setting up any zone 2 device with Harmony is that you will need to ADD your AVR-1712 (receiver) a second time and then put the words "Zone 2" after it.

2lego :

Okay, just got your response. It sounds like all you'll need to do is go back in and add the AVR-1712 again and mark it as Zone 2.


I have done that also. How do I activate the Zone 2. I do not see any activity button for it.

2lego :

Give me a minute to get that for you.

2lego :

The zone 2 can get complicated with this remote, but there is a way.

2lego :

At Activities>Your Activity>Settings>the 5th option is rename.


First you need to ensure that the Denon is entered twice once with the label Zone, which you've done.

Then you need to test all the commands from the devices area to ensure they control Zone2 functions not Zone1.

You will also need to set any activity for Zone1 and 2 that you plan to use in parallel to leave unused devices on at

Activities>Your Activity>Settings>Options.

2lego :

Then you just need to go and step thru and set up each dual zone activity you need. Which there can be some like this for example (watch tv zone 1, listen to radio zone 2; watch DVD zone 1, listen to radio zone 2; watch tv zone 1, listen to CD zone 2).

2lego :

Here is a instruction list for some other Harmony remotes that will apply to your situation.

2lego :

1. Go ahead and create all of the devices that you will be using as if it were a single zone remote then add another AV Receiver with the same model # XXXXX the first but add “ (Zone 2)” at the end.
Example: Zone 2 for a Yamaha RX-V665 would be “RX-V665 (Zone 2)”

2. Create all your Main Zone activities the usual way and when you get to the page where it asks you to select what you use to control the volume choose the Main AV Receiver.

3. Now create any zone 2 activities you want with the same process but when it asks you how to control volume choose the Zone 2 Receiver. Repeat this step for all Zone 2 Activities.

4. Now you need a way to turn off Zone 2 independently. A) Go to “Add Activity”… B) ”No – Manually add an activity” …Click Next…C) “Utility”…Click Next… D) “Generic Activity”…Click Next…E) The next page will have a list of all your devices, choose and add only the Zone 2 Receiver…Save

5. On the next page you will be asked what input or channel does your AV Receiver (Zone 2) need to be on?, choose “I don’t need to set the input on my AV Receiver”…click Next.

6. On the next page choose “Yes, but I want to add more control of options and devices for this activity”…click Next

7. You may be prompted again to choose an input just do same as before “I don’t need to set the input on my AV Receiver”…click Next.

8. When you get to “Custom Actions” page look at “Start Action” heading and click “ADD”. The next page will give you 3 options “Send this infrared command”, “Send this IR Delay”, and “Set it to this input”…choose “send this IR command” …IF your receiver has a discreet power ON/OFF choose “Power Off”, IF it does not just choose some meaningless command “ it doesn’t matter anyway because starting this generic activity will send a “Power Toggle” which will turn off Zone 2 (as long as it has already been turned on by choosing one of the other Zone 2 activities first). Click Next…confirm your choice and click Save.

9. Now go back to Activities page and rename each Zone 2 activity so you can differentiate them from Main Zone Activities (i.e. Zone 2 Radio, Patio Radio, or whatever). Rename the Generic Utility “Zone 2 OFF”

10. The next 3 steps must be completed for EVERY activity in the system including Main Zone, Zone 2, and Zone 2 Off.

11. On the Activity click “Settings”

12. Select “Change Options”, click Next

13. Next to option “Turn Off unused devices” change to “LEAVE ON”, click Save and then Done. Doing this will mean that any device turned on by the remote will remain on until you press the “off” button on the Harmony. Why would I want to do this you ask? The Harmony remote wants to turn off unused devices when switching activities so if someone were watching DirecTV in zone 1 and I turned on Sirius Radio in Zone 2 the remote would normally shut off all devices in Zone 1. We obviously don’t want that.

14. Update your remote and you’re done


Choosing a Zone 2 Activity will turn on Z2, any device necessary and you should be able to control Z2 volume with remote.

Choosing Zone 2 OFF will turn off the Z2 Receiver only

Pressing the Harmony OFF button will turn off everything including Z2, so if you’re playing both and want to shut everything off don’t bother with Z2 OFF, just press Harmony power off.

This process works pretty well with most AV Receivers, just like anything else you may run into issues that you may need to tweak individually. I ran into one Sony Receiver that had Zone 2 input problems so I had to create macros to make it work.

2lego :

If you have any other questions on this just let me know. If you found this information helpful then select the ACCEPT button.

2lego :


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