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I have two HP Photosmart C4400 printers, one at home, one at

Customer Question

I have two HP Photosmart C4400 printers, one at home, one at my office. The one here at work keeps telling me it has a carriage jam. I doesn't, but it will print but maybe one page before it gets in that mode. The one at home, after I put a new ink cartridge in, says the door is open, and will print. HELP
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.

Hi. I am Rick. I will be your expert.

Try this on the carriage jam.

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the

  2. If necessary, pull the input tray down to open it,
    and then lower the cartridge door.

  3. Apply firm pressure to the right side of the
    carriage to move it to the left. Do not press any levers.

    Figure 4: Apply firm pressure to move

    • If the carriage moves freely ,
      close the cartridge door, and continue with the steps in this procedure.

    • If the carriage does not move
      , discontinue the steps in this procedure, and skip to the end of this document to service the

  4. Connect the power cord to the rear of the product.

  5. Press the Power button ( ) to turn on
    the product.

  6. Try the print job

Step two: Print a self-test

Printing a self-test report verifies if the
hardware functions correctly.

How to print
a self-test report

  1. Load plain white paper in the input tray.

  2. Press and hold the OK and
    Help buttons on the product control panel, and then release them.
    The self-test report prints.

  • If these steps resolved the issue
    , and the self-test report prints , there is no need to
    continue troubleshooting.

  • If the issue persists , continue
    with the next solution.

  • If the self-test report does not
    , continue with the next solution.

For the door open error try opening the printer as if you were going to change cartridges. Remove the cartridges and re insert. Close the cartridge cover firmly and watch the screen to see if it initializes. If not push on the cover to insure it is completely closed.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have already printed out the print test on the computer at home. It printed , but continues to say that the door is open. I have taken the ink cartridges out and put them back in, I have done all the things you are telling me to do, and none of them help. The printer will work when I put something into it to print, but not when it comes from the computer.
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.
If this problem is only occuring when the print job comes from the computer, try removing the drivers and re install them again.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Don't know why I have received a credit card bill for $16 and then $36. I still looking at the printer in my office and it still says CARRIAGE JAM. After I turn it off, and then back on, it will print the first time, but immediately after that, It says carriage jam on the small screen, and will not print anymore. I had already done the things your suggested before I contacted you, like turning it off, pushing the ink cartriges over to the left. None of them helped. Please let me know why I owe you $52 dollors for suggestions that did no good. I had already taken the ink cartridges out and put them back in several times.

Not sure about the same model printer at home. I have been out ot the country and am not aware if it still says that the door is open, thus rendering it useless.
The IT person in my office has tried to fix the one here, to no avail, and suggested I return it to the retailer where I purchased it. I guess that will be my next step.