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Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  Owner of two electrical electronic repair businesses, over thirty years experience
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I can't get a straight answer from your technicians

Customer Question

i can't get a straight answer from your technicians regarding a yellow screen that pops up when i change channels. it does not show while i am watching one channel but if i decided to look at another channel the screen turns yellow. i can see my program along the edges.i then go back to my panasonic remote . start all over and the screen is back to its original picture. none of the five techs i talked tp can figure it out. your last tech was rude and caused me to think about a dish
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Will replied 6 years ago.
Will :

Please allow me a few moments to review your question again.

Will :

I have a Panasonic Viera and have dealt with hundreds or thousands of TV channel problems, yellow screen when changing channels is odd, even though you correct the problem with your Panasonic remote it sounds more like a source issue than a TV issue ie if you change channels watching over the air channels and then either cable or satellite, if you have both, does this happen on both sources?

Will :

The idea is to compare and determine if we have a TV issue or a source issue, you said something about a dish, so I have no idea what kind of TV you have cable, dishnetwork, direct TV or just plain over the air reception through an antenna, if you have both it would be interesting to know if this yellow screen appears on both sources, if you have only one source then of course we cannot do a comparison, regardless I would do a hard reset and I will provide the instructions this will take out any possible connection problems causing the problems and if the problem is related to firmware inside the TV it may likely resolve that also, have you looked on the Panasonic website for any updated firmware for your model TV? On occasion there will be updates from manufacturers for problems reported from users of their products, but never having a yellow screen problem it may be a long shot, however you do want to check and have the latest firmware installed if there is updated firmware, for whatever ills it cures, if you want to leave the model of your set I will check for you in the meantime I will provide instructions for a hard reset, the instructions must be followed as instructed or the resets may not complete,

Will :

I apologize for anyone being rude as I understand these things can be very frustrating, there is an answer to the problem it may take some back and forth, the set may need to be in the shop or have a technician who can actually see the problem on a service call but we should be able to perform some tests before tossing in the hat and determining eyes on service is required.

Will :

It would also be helpful to understand your system, be it a stand alone t

Will :

TV or a cable package with surround sound, your comment on the dish makes me think that maybe I should explain we are not a cable company, we are independent consultants, so I am thinking [because I would write the same think] you have cable and are thinking about a dish, sometimes my intuition is working, other times it causes my Wife to explain to me how much I do not know ........... here are the instructions for a hard reset and with cable the hard reset if followed to the T will reset not only the TV but also the cable coaxial removal and replacement has a reset feature It is simply a matter of getting every device reconnected, no cables to buy just unplug and replug but in the order set in the instructions

Will :

Hard reset,

[ no picture, sound issues, missing device inputs, memory gone, setups both audio and video, sound problems and video ratios changed, etc]

Remove [unplug from wall] ALL power cords to TV and ALL connected components attached to the SYSTEM . Remove ALL data cables [HDMI, COMPONENT, Standard RCA, Coaxial from all devices, especially any Coaxial cables from cable TV, router or Satellite, as those cables will reset in a different fashion than the power reset alone,

HDMI will reset in a different fashion also

REMOVE POWER and not for a couple seconds it takes some patience, most cable and sat techs will tell you to remove for 2 minutes, sometimes it takes 20 minutes or longer

Once you have all power cords removed from every device and ALL data cables

you want to give the components at least 5 to 30 minutes to reset, this lets any capacitors or eproms or internal components reset

Going back

Put the coaxials if any back first, followed by the data cords, followed by the power cords, then turn the TV ON FIRST this is important if any HDMI cables are used, but it should be done in that order no matter what setup you have.

Will :

data cords are any type of cord or cable such as HDMI , coaxial, rca, video, etc

Will :

Frank, I assume you are referring to the satellite feed of the locals rather than OTA reception of locals...

I've seen those yellow screens when Dish's OTA reception equipment for the LiL channels loses its lock on the local stations. I've seen this a few times on the Houston stations. The instances that come to mind are when tropo is really strong and during the digital transition when stations were temporarily off-air or operating at reduced power.

Will :

Above is a comment from a Dish Network Tech, basically he is saying that the source is the problem not the TV and you may know this, but it appears to be a slightly rare occurence

Will :

As a follow-up to this, the bot***** *****ne of what is occurring is that the OTA signal is actually being lost, ie, dropping out completely, as in the station going off the air (or something wrong with your OTA antenna or the cable coming from it)

We witnessed this again last night except this time it was on the local ABC affiliate (KTRK) - Their entire digital system went down, the main channel and all the sub channels along with it. All came up with the yellow screen. In our case audio was lost too, but I've also seen it where only video was lost.

Further, this time the signal loss lasted several minutes, long enough for me to go in the bedroom and check the other receiver (222). It too had a yellow screen, but also had a banner overlay explaining what the problem was.

Will :

More from a forum I dug through from all I have researched it appears a yellow, sometimes pink screen is the result of either a weakened signal or loose connection, the hard reset will take care of any loose connections that could be causing the problem but let me know after you perform the reset if anything at all changes, we will go from there