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Gentlemen Stylus will not stay in tone arm. After I taped

Resolved Question:

Gentlemen: Stylus will not stay in tone arm. After I taped stylus in place at end of he tone arm in what I assume is the "cartridge" I can hear music at the stylus, but nothing at the speakers. Apparently the stylus is supposed to stay in place because of a tight fit. The two vertical wires inside stylus holder, apparently make contact with stylus amd cartridge. I pushed holder into cartridge as far as possible, so they may not be in contact with plate of cartridge. As a precaution I ordered a new stylus just in case that is what is needed, and I am pressed for time since I promised to play some "vintage' records for a group of men all as old as I am - 90. And thanks to Binatur (sp?) for helping me fix the loose belt problem. This week-old phonogaph has yet to be played. Thanks - Paul [email protected]
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Stereowiz replied 5 years ago.

Stereowiz :

The needle has a plastic hook that has to engage inside the catridge to be held in place, if the needle is not in the proper place the magent will be far from the coil and no sound will be heard, if you can't figure it out, take it to any stereo service, they more likely will not charge you to do that, do not force it otherwise the cartridge will break


Mr. Stereowiz: Thanks for the reply. However, your answer does nor solve the problem.. Even when I tape the stylus holder in place nothing is transmitted to my amplifier. he amlifier does work with CDs. It has a "phono" jack which has been used succesfully in he pas with a "dual" turntable.


Mr. "Stereowiz": Thanks for the answer, but it does not solve the problem. Even when taped in place apparently nothing is transmitted to the amplifier which does play CDs, and tapes. The stylus holder does have a rectangular protrusion in back with a "finger" thar slants but has no hook. I suppose this fits in the cut-out at the bottom of the end of the tone arm. I am ordering a new stylus holder. Is there a way I can check to see what is happening at the end of the cable with a circuit tester ? 12 or 120 v? There is no stereo shop within 50 miles of home if then - - and I am 90 years old, reluctant to drive.

Stereowiz :

Turn the unit on and get it ready to play, place an screwdriver close to the cartridge with the needle removed and lightly tap on the cartridge with the tip of the screwdriver, you should hear a thumping noise on the speakers, if it doesn't, the amplifier is not working, by the way the RCA cables coming form the turntable has to be connected to the PHONO input only in the receiver or amplifier , not aux or Tape, if you have a newer receiver, they do not come with a built-in phono stage and you will need to buy a separate pre-amplifier available on line or most of the electronics stores


Mr, Stereowiz: A noise does come from my Bose speakers when I tap on the face of the cartridge, So the problem is at the stylus interface, I will try a new stylus holder and review my method of inserting it straight on. I have a "phono" jack. It wil take a few days to get a new holder. I will contact "Just Answer" again in a few days. Paul [email protected]/xxx. Thanks.

Stereowiz :

I always replace the whole cartridge when I have a problem with the needle, the set comes matched from the factory and gets better sound quality, buying just the needle you may be saving a few dollars but it may be coming from diferent factory than the cartridge and the may not fit properly.

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