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I have the stereo outputs of an Alesis SR-18 drum machine patched

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I have the stereo outputs of an Alesis SR-18 drum machine patched into both line inputs of a TASCAM DP-03 portable studio for simultaneous recording, but the SR-18 will not output both L and R signals simultaneously when both are connected (which the manual states should happen): I can get only the left or the right if I unplug one or the other, but not both. Many hours of scouring the user manual and checking for obscure settings have yielded nothing. Is the drum machine just malfunctioning? I've had no problem at all getting simultaneous tracking on the DP-03 with any other stereo equipment.

Stereowiz :

Ground is missing at the output terminals, remove the back cover and inspect the soldering, it may be broken, resolder them and it will be working normal again, if the connections are ok, is possible that the output driver may be broken , in this case you will have to replace the output integrated circuit. That is not a setting problem, is a hardware problem.


You're right: there is no grounding at the output. Because of the particular design, I can't inspect the terminal connections without breaking the plastic housing to determine if resoldering would fix it, or if it's a driver issue. Thanks for the research.

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