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My magnavox 32mf337b lcd tv will not stay on

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I have a magnavox 32mf337b lcd tv & it keeps shutting off & will rarely turn on at all now. Once it comes on it works fine, but it is getting harder to get it to turn on. It would not turn on at all tonight. It is just on standby w/the red light lit when plugged in. Then turning it on the power cut completely.

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These sets suffer from bad elco capacitors on the powerboard they either leak/balloon up/have raised domed tops., they will need replacing if any are found during a visual inspection of the powerboard,so an ability to utilise a soldering iron is required, if I provide more info on this do you think you can carry out this work?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes. Thank you. I can probably do it if I know what parts I need and how to fix it. So any information you can aid me with will be greatly appreciated

OK well initially you need to remove the back of the set trace the powercord to the powerboard and visually inspect the capacitors for stree like I earlier indicated, if any are found to be stressed ballooning/raised domed tops /leaking then obviously the most economic way is to replace these available from radio shack for about $1 each, the values in uf are wrote on the side of the capacitors and also their working voltage, the powerboard needs to come out of the set and then they need to be desoldered and new ones resoldered in, here is a photo to let you know what to look for

Let me know if you need more info


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

One more question. I have removed the board & see the capacitors. Is it correct that there should be 3 close together on the board, all of equal size/shape. And also, could you give me a quick how to as far as desoldering the old & replacing the new.



Their are many youtube videos on soldering as I can not begin to explain this here, if you visually spot a capacitor thats faulty the first thing to do is take a photo of the capacitors so you don't make any mistakes then write down the value in uf of the capacitor and its working voltage this is all wrote on the capacitor itself, it can only be put back the right way around as its polarised you will see a line with a negative on it

Their are many capacitors on the board and no they are of different sizes their may be 3 together that look the same but as I say you need to check the values

If you like take a picture of the board and email it [email protected] and I will see if I can spot these

Let me know if you need more info

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I think the 3 green ones on the right look a bit swollen on the top they dont look flat so I think you should replace these 3, as I say note the values in uf and working voltages and also note they only can be replaced the right way around

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