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Adam E. (fear not the machines!)
Adam E. (fear not the machines!), Engineer
Category: Consumer Electronics
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I have a pansonic 6.0 plus phone that i want to change my greeting

Customer Question

I have a pansonic 6.0 plus phone that i want to change my greeting for. i cannot find my instruction book and can't remember how to do it. help
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Steve G. replied 6 years ago.

Hi and welcome to Just Answer. I'm Steve, I'm sorry to hear about your issue. I will try my best to give you a precise and accurate answer.


There are several phones under the 6.0 Plus name. Can you look on the bottom or back of the phone and get the model number. It will start with a KX.

Expert:  Adam E. (fear not the machines!) replied 6 years ago.
First, I empathize with your pain! These gadgets can drive one mad. I'm here to help.

I happen to have a Panasonic Dect 6.0 and indeed it's maddening that it isn't clear how to set a greeting! However, I found my manual, and hope this answers your question! If it doesn't, let me know, and I'll find your answer!

Press the Menu Key on a handset
Press the # key
Press [3][0][2]

I just did it and it worked! Unbelievable! I couldn't find any other way of recording greeting than this, but if I find another way I'll let you know! Please accept this if it works, and your positive feedback is appreciated!

Expert:  Adam E. (fear not the machines!) replied 6 years ago.
(I dug a little further and found how to get to the greeting setting without an obscure key sequence! It took me a while, so don't feel bad! It's unintuitive!)

On a handset, choose Menu
Scroll down and choose "Answering Device"
WAIT A FEW SECONDS!!! [This is KEY!! If you don't, you'll never get the correct menu! Don't click OK, and wait until the "New and Total" menu disappears.
Now, finally, you can scroll downwards four times or so, until you get "Greeting"!

The problem with finding this setting on these phones is that when you click "Answering Device", it shows you how many New messages you have, but doesn't give you a way to navigate to the Greetings menu, unless you WAIT long enough for this menu to go away [without clicking OK!], and THEN you get the ability to scroll downwards!

Hope this helps! Can't wait to hear if this works for you. I feel your pain.
Expert:  ElectronicsGuru replied 6 years ago.
I could not see Adam's answer, so if it is the same please accept his. Usually it is something like this.

From the base unit

1 {MENU} --> {#}{3}{0}{2}
2 Select the desired line(s) with the up/down arrow --> {SELECT}
3 After the base unit beeps, speak clearly about
20 cm (8 inches) away from the MIC.
4 Press {STOP} to stop recording.
L The message you have recorded is played
after the beep.
5 {■} (EXIT)

Of course, as Steve suggested, this could vary slightly based on the model.
Expert:  Adam E. (fear not the machines!) replied 6 years ago.
Any news? Any luck? Were you able to create a greeting? Your feedback is much appreciated.