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I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab today. How can I transfer

Customer Question

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab today. How can I transfer my ePub Files from my PC to the Kobo library?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Eng. Andres replied 6 years ago.
hi, thanks for using JA:

First, if you don't have the Kobo app for android, follow these steps:

Go to ‘Market’ on your Galaxy TAB.
1. Select ‘Search’.
2. Enter ‘Kobo’ into the search field.
3. Once you’ve found the Kobo app, tap install.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

Now we will connect the tab to the pc to transfer the ePub files. The easiest way is to connect the Tab as a Disk drive. To configure this option do the following:

1. On the tablet, go to the Home screen and press the Menu button below the display.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Wireless & network.
4. Choose USB setting.
5. Select Mass storage.
6. Go back, and make sure that USB DEBUGGING is turned off.

Connect your tab to one free usb port of your computer(Tab Mount on the screen if you are asked). The TAB will be recognized as a USB Disk Drive, where you can transfer your files, simply by drag and drop. If it isn't recognized, go to USB settings and make sure that USB DEBUGGING is turned on. After the tab is connect to your PC, simply drag and drop the ePub files to a folder(you can create a new folder if you preffer). Once the ePub files were copied, disconnect the tab from the USB.

Now run the Kobo Library App. While in the I'm Reading
Press the device Menu button.

- Tap Import Content and then tap start.
- Select the content you want to import.
- Tap Import Selected, if you want to remove the original files tap Yes.
- Items will be imported and added to your I'm Reading

Regards! If that helped, don't forget to accept my answer!