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After I set up the TV it says no tv program

Customer Question

After I set up the TV it says no tv program
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  VideoTech replied 6 years ago.

Direct TV uses either the HDMI input, the Component Input or the Composite 3 wire input if it's a low definition box.


Which one are you using, and did you select the correct input on your TV?



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Expert:  VideoTech replied 6 years ago.

I have the standard cable for Direct TV satelite . It is low def.


Standard Cable like this right?




Good, because that is the ONLY CONNECTION your TV came with....


Connect it using that cable directly to the Ant input.


Then look at these pictures --





And this is how you store the Direct TV channel -- it's usually channel 3 but it can also do Channel 4.


Hopefully you haven't done the First Time Setup, but if you have, follow the instructions in GREEN , and I highlighted the AIR setting, and if it asks, set it for Analog/NTSC not Digital /ATSC tuning.




Philips wasn't kind enough to show a picture of the ANT in jack, but it's the only one labled Ant In.


If they didn't use the standard RF connector found on TV sets, take a picture of it, save it to your computer as a JPG photo file, then click on the "paperclip" or "photo of a bush" that's located just above your typed in responses when you write me back -- That way I can see the type of connector they put on that TV set/Radio unit.




It "attaches" photos to your responses back to me.


Once in a blue moon, I see the manufacturer use a 7mm plug-hole as an "Antenna IN" jack, and when they do that, you have to run down to Radio Shack and buy a "Coax to 7mm male adaptor to connect your box to the TV set so you can use it.


Don't you just wish your OLD Kitchen TV wouldn't have given up the Ghost? Then you wouldn't be dealing with adapting your NEW TV up to the box again.


I's a hassle, but when done right, you'll have TV again with your cup of Joe...