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To-Shay, Electronic Security Engineering
Category: Consumer Electronics
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can i hook up my uniden surveillance system udw20553 to a

Customer Question

can i hook up my uniden surveillance system udw20553 to a vcr
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  To-Shay replied 6 years ago.
Hi there, I am here to help you with this problem....
Your RCA plugs are white & yellow. The yellow is the only one that we are interested in (unless you have audio facility that you wish to also record). Now the yellow lead can either go to the AV/Scart connection on the VCR - or it can have a Phono to BNC adapter connected to it, which will allow the connection to be made with a CCTV designed VCR. In both cases, the signal itself is the same (called 'composite') and will work. In the case of using the AV/Scart method, you will need to purchase the scart adapter which is much the same as what is used with kids game consoles for plugging into TV's. If it should be that you purchase one that has 2 of ports for the yellow plug, just ensure you use the one labeld 'Input'. But don't worry, there will be no damage if the wrong one is utilised by mistake.

If it is the case that this is what you have already done....then please give me a little more detail on the VCR (professional or conventional, etc.) so that I may explore the reason for it not working.

Kind regards

Expert:  To-Shay replied 6 years ago.

I was concerned to see how you were getting on.

Is your problem now clear?

Kind regards

Expert:  To-Shay replied 6 years ago.
Hi ya,
Its been a while without any communication from you. Can you please confirm that all is now resolved & select the 'Accept' button whereby your transaction will be placed on the basis that you are satisfied to foreclose...or come back to me for further assistance. Many thanks - Shay