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Why is LG sound sync wireless not working?

Resolved Question:

The LG surround sound system and the wireless speakers are not working. They previously were. The blue light comes on to say they are working and there is no sound from them. After about 5-10 mins the light goes out as well. Have tried reprogramming the speaker distances etc but nothing is working.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Electronic Tech replied 6 years ago.

Hello and Thank You for allowing me assist you with your question today!

Can you please provide me with the complete model number of your system?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My system model number is ***** as requested.
Expert:  Electronic Tech replied 6 years ago.

Please follow all these steps:

Reset the unit as follows:
• Press and hold the POWER button for at least five seconds. This will force the player to power off. Press the POWER button again to turn the player back on.
• Unplug the power cord, wait at least five seconds, and then plug it in again.

2) Initial setting an ID of transmitter (built-in the unit)
a)Connect the power cords of each wireless speakers to the wall power outlet.
b) Turn the main unit On.: POWER ON WITH REMOTE

Blue LEDs of wireless speakers will flicker, then the Blue LEDs of wireless speakers will stay on when the wireless system works normally. “ z ” appears in display window.

Setting an ID of Wireless transmitter (built-in the unit) When the unit is manufactured, the ID is already set. If an interference occurs or you use the new wireless speakers, an ID should be set again.

3) Disconnect the power cords of wireless speakers.
4) Press and hold x (STOP) on the front of unit and MUTE on the remote control. “REMATE” appears in display window.
5) Connect the power cords of wireless speakers. A new ID is set.

LED indicator of wireless speakers (rear speakers)
Blue : The wireless speakers are receiving the signal of the unit. Off (No display) : The wireless speakers are switched to standby mode or the power cords of wireless speakers are not connected.

Be careful of the following:
• If there is a strong electromagnetic wave product nearby, interference may occur. Put the unit (wireless speakers and main unit) away from there.(Ex: Microwave oven)
• If there is no audio signal for longer than 10 minutes, the wireless speakers will be automatically switched to standby mode. LEDs will turn blue when there is any audio signal back.
• If you operate main unit then wireless speakers sound within a few seconds in standby mode.
• Set the distance between this unit and wireless speakers within 10m. • Optimum performance can be implemented only when the unit and the
wireless speakers within distance of 10m is used since communication failure
may occur if longer distance is used. • It takes a few seconds (and may take longer) for the wireless speakers to
communicate with each other. • When the unit is turned off, the wireless speakers are in standby mode (off)
automatically after about 10 seconds.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your help the product was fixed at place of purchase. As $43.00 has been taken from my credit card for the last 2 months I hope no more money will be removed