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Experience:  BSEE, years of electronics experience, board level repairs, analog and digital circuit experience
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I hooked up my roku box to my Panasonic HD TV and nothing happened. do

Customer Question

I hooked up my roku box to my Panasonic HD TV and nothing happened. do I have to do something to enable my TV to access the roku screen?<br />My TV is a Panasonic Class 720p LCD HDTV--model number TC-32LX85<br />When I went to the TV/Video menu, no HDMI was available.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  TX_Engineer replied 6 years ago.
If you have a HDMI capable Roku device, you probably have one of the newer units capable of 1080p.

My educated guess on what is happening is that your unit is defaulting to a resolution that is higher than the 720p that your TV can support. To fix it, we have to reset the resolution, which of course we can't do because we can't see the menu.

So here's what I recommend:
Connect the TV to the Roku unit by composite (yellow) or component (red, green, blue) cables. See if that resolves the issue (you'll have to change the input on the TV). If so, use the menu system to set the resolution to 720p and reconnect via HDMI.

Let me know if that does not work - or if you have success.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Your solution did not resolve the problem.
I did what you recommended, but still was not able to access the menu.
So I called Panasonic (which is what Ii should have done first).
They walked me through a process that enabled me to access the HDMI portals.
After that fix, I was able to access the roku player on my TV screen.
I'm sorry that you were not able to help me.
Expert:  TX_Engineer replied 6 years ago.
I am sorry also. Generally, all HDMI ports are active on TVs by default and simply selecting them via remote is necessary.

I apologize for not having the immediate answer, generally some back and forth question and answer is necessary to resolve the issue... Had you told me that the above suggestion was not working, we could have gone forward and figured out the problem.

I'm afraid that very often, I can't solve an issue with the information provided - some back and forth is required. If customers indicate that they need an immediate answer without questions and I don't have that answer for them, I generally will not respond.

One great feature of Just Answer - your deposit is fully refundable, so if you're not happy or didn't get the information you're after, those funds can be fully refunded.. and you're 100% right, you didn't get the solution that your looking for.

We're independent contractors, that is, I can't give you a refund, but that can be arranged by contacting Just Answer directly or requesting one here... If a refund is requested, I pass that request on directly..

Again, sorry - and absolutely my responsibility that my first suggestion did not resolve your issue.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your response.
I totally agree with you that the default position of the HDMI portals should been set to active. That was my assumption too; and before I called Panasonic, I did not know that they were not active.
So your answer was a good try, but neither of us had the info we needed to make things happen. Thanks for trying.

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